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Catch & Smash (キャッチ&スマッシュ, Kyatchi&Sumasshu) is a special chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series included with the Hero Encyclopedia.


Saitama is looking for a monster in the K-City Nature Park when he bumps into a fisherman. Saitama and the fisherman have a short conversation about the fisherman's philosophy, allowing an opponent to grow and have another match up. The fisherman then manages to catch the "King of the Lake", but it is eaten by Lord Great White, the last survivor of the Seafolk.

Afterwards, Saitama quickly takes care of Lord Great White and parts ways with the fisherman. On his way home, Saitama thinks about the fisherman's statements and tries applying it to his hero career, remarking that unlike the fisherman, he does not have a good rival. Suddenly, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic appears before Saitama and challenges Saiitama to a fight. He uses Smokescreen Shuriken against Saitama, then attempts to attack with Wind Blade Kick from behind. Unfortunately, while trying to regain his vision, Saitama accidentally elbows Sonic in the groin. Sonic once again has to retreat in pain, while Saitama wonders what he did was an example of catch and release.

Characters in order of appearance[]

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. Genos (Cover)
  3. Tatsumaki (Cover)
  4. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (Cover)
  5. Lord Great White (Debut)


  • This chapter hasn't been released by VIZ Media as the Hero Encyclopedia is still not translated.
  • The chapter was previously called Sense (センス, Sensu) when it released with the Hero Encyclopedia.
  • A voiced version of this chapter is provided in One-Punch Man Maji Drama CD Vol. 3


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