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Cafe & Restaurant Togus (Cafe & レストラン トガス, Cafe & Resutoran Togasu) is a restaurant in S-City.[1]


After leaving the Monster Association base, Garou goes to Cafe Togus and orders every meat and salad item on the menu. He wolfs down the meal in a frenzy, drawing the attention of the other diners.

At the same time, Saitama, who is also dining at the restaurant, finishes his meal but cannot find his wallet. Fubuki suddenly appears to reattempt to recruit Saitama into her group. Saitama takes advantage of the situation by ordering fries for her to leave the bill to her. Suddenly, someone reports a dine-and-dasher, so Saitama runs out of the restaurant and leaves Fubuki behind.[2]


  • Fubuki is not a part of the dine-and-dash interaction in the webcomic.[3]
  • Murata mentioned in a stream that the Cafe & Restaurant Togus (トガス) is based on Cafe Restaurant Gusto (Cafe レストラン ガスト), a Japanese fast food chain. Murata just rearranged Gusto (ガスト) into Togus (トガス). Murata said he likes the food there.[4]


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