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The C-City Super Stadium is a public stadium in C-City for competitions like the Super Fight Martial Arts Tournament.


This is an oval-shaped arena with a length of several hundred meters, with bleachers and a platform in the center, the entrance to which is equipped with a gate, where both participants and spectators come to pay for admission. Waiting rooms are provided inside the premises for the attention of participants.

Between the bleachers and the tiled area, which acts as a fighting area, there is a lawn on which some spectators can be accommodated. There are changing rooms inside the walls. There is also a toilet in the room.

The stadium was later partially destroyed by Gouketsu.


Human Monster Saga[]

Super Fight Arc[]

This place is the venue for the 22nd tournament Super Fight. A lot of spectators came to it.

During the tournament, the arena gets damaged, especially during the final match between Saitama and Suiryu. The ring is broken in half and is shortly later repaired for the closing ceremony.

Gouketsu later blows an enormous hole in the stadium to showcase Bakuzan his superior strength.


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