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Brut (ブルット, Burutto) is a criminal who appears in the anime OVAs.


Brut is a nondescript pale man with icy blue hair. He wears a blue hoodie and beanie with black pants and brown mittens. He is noticeably short in stature.


Brut is a confident and sneaky man who is willing to use his powers for crime. He is the one to suggest attacking Saitama upon learning he is a hero, showing he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and is out to prove something.

Apperances in Other MediaEdit

OVA 7Edit


Brut is ready for a heist

Brut meets with Enjoe and Chemonille in a public restroom in a park, after having met them online at some point first. They plan to become a team of villains and pull off crimes with their supernatural powers. They are waiting for a fourth member when Saitama wanders in, and upon learning he is a hero, Brut suggests they beat him up. However, their abilities backfire and Saitama has to save them from themselves. They are then attacked by Dirt Earthworm and Saitama has to save them again. Saitama decides to help them get stronger, and forces all three of them to go through his daily training regimen.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Brut ability

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

  • Ice Ability User: Brut is an Ice Ability user (氷の能力者).
    • The Final Typhoon: Brut releases frost from his hands.[1]


  • His name is a pun on his ability. "Buru" is how "Blue", the color of ice, is pronounced as a Japanese loanword. Alternative name for him is Shivers.


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