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Brave Giant is a powerful robot created by Child Emperor. It is his ultimate weapon and his trump card. According to Child Emperor, it is still a prototype.[1] The robot is piloted by a driver in its cockpit.


Brave Giant is a massive humanoid robot, multiple times taller than a full-grown adult. It has two pairs of eyes and four fins protruding out of his head in a backward fashion. Several blades extend out of its shoulders like small wings, as well as on his ankles, knees, and waist. On its back there is a large backpack, mimicking Child Emperor's own backpack and, inside of it, there are large jets, wings, and rockets that allow Brave Giant to fly at high velocities and utilize multiple different weapons.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

After Phoenix Man is resurrected and Child Emperor realizes his new and dangerous strength, the hero clicks his watch and summons the parts of the Brave Giant which are situated around the Monster Association Headquarters. Once Brave Giant is summoned, it swats Phoenix Man across the room, and the two begin their second battle. As the two of them do battle, Phoenix Man realizes that Child Emperor is rushing to finish the battle and realizes that there must be some limitations to the Brave Giant and that he can only operate it for a limited time. His hypothesis is correct, as Child Emperor laments that Brave Giant can only operate for 2 minutes and 38 seconds before its energy becomes uncontrollable and it self-destructs.

As the two continue their battle and unleash their respective special moves and combos, Child Emperor manages to trap Phoenix Man in a very strong electromagnetic web and attempts to punch him with his Giant Fist Strike, which Phoenix Man manages to block. A struggle ensues, with Phoenix Man appearing to overpower Brave Giant, but Child Emperor then activates over boosters and releases output limiters. The energy from the punch finally overpowers Phoenix Man and destroys the floor, sending both warriors falling into the water. Upon touching the base of the ground, Brave Giant's lights turn on and Child Emperor is shocked to see the corpses of several monsters littering the floor. Suddenly, a bright burst of energy is unleashed, knocking the Brave Giant back.

Phoenix Man, once again resurrected and stronger than ever, rips off Brave Giant's arm, taking the hostage Waganma with it, and uses his new powers to puppeteer the corpses in the subterranean pool and attack Brave Giant. Phoenix Man then flies out of the water to make his escape in the chaos. With little time remaining, Child Emperor makes Brave Giant's arm revert to its original drill form and knocks Waganma out of Phoenix Man's grasp. Brave Giant then destroys the multitude of reanimated corpses and flies out of the water to meet Phoenix Man, regaining its lost arm to use its final attack, Millennium Emperor Nova, and blasts Phoenix Man into the sky with a massive laser.

Brave Giant shuts down having spent its time limit. Little Braves come out from hiding and push the inactive Brave Giant at Phoenix Man. Child Emperor activates the emergency hatch and catches the monster with Brave Giant. Phoenix Man destroys Brave Giant but it allowed Child Emperor enough time to sneak Tickle-Tickle Bug #3 within Phoenix Man's costume and cause him to rip off his costume.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being the trump card of the S-class genius Child Emperor, the Brave Giant is an extremely powerful and useful weapon, dwarfing all of Child Emperor's other machines in might. With Brave Giant, Child Emperor can go toe-to-toe against a Dragon-level mysterious being and when unleashing its full power, is able to temporarily knock out said mysterious being. Unfortunately, Brave Giant can only be operated for 2 minutes and 38 seconds before the energy core will no longer be controllable and will self-destruct, significantly limiting its capabilities.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Being a large mech and Child Emperor's trump card, Brave Giant is immensely strong. It can effortlessly smash through multiple stone pillars and destroy an entire floor of the Monster Association headquarters. It was able to combat resurrected Phoenix Man's immense strength and once it unleashed its full power, it managed to defeat the Dragon-level monster and temporarily knock him out of commission before he resurrected again.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Despite its large size, it has surprisingly advanced speed, being able to keep up with the dragon-level monster Phoenix Man and launch multiple speedy-quick attacks.

Immense Durability: Brave Giant's advanced body and sturdy exterior allow him to defend against searing attacks from Phoenix Man, and his Divider Shield was able to withstand the multiple Phoenix Homing Wing Attacks. Additionally, it was still operational after releasing all of its output limiters and unleashing its full power.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combat/Equipment: Due to his large size and advanced structure, Brave Giant is very powerful in close quarters, and Child Emperor will use its very powerful features creatively and in quick succession to quickly finish off his opponents due to the Brave Giant's limited operating time.

  • Divider Shield (ディバイダーシールド, Dibaidā Shīrudo): Brave Giant has an invisible deflector shield that can develop from its arm; it has very impressive durability which could withstand Phoenix Man's Phoenix Homing Wing Attacks. It utilizes electromagnetism. The shield was named in a previous version of the battle against Phoenix Man, and was never referred to in the final version, so it is unknown whether the name was kept officially.
  • Delta Scale Saber (デルタスケールセイバー, Deruta Sukēru Seibā): Brave Giant generates an electromagnetic sword to be used in combat. The weapon was named in a previous version of the battle against Phoenix Man, and was never referred to in the final version, so it is unknown whether the name was kept officially.
  • 20000 Fold Rope Skip Grinder  (二万重跳びグラインダー, Niman Juu Tobi Guraindā): Child Emperor extends a powered jump rope from Brave Giant's hands and spins it 20000 times in rapid succession. This move is powerful enough to tear through the walls of the Monster Association Headquarters at high-speed with ease. The spins are even faster than Phoenix Man's speed-based form Fire Falcon Mode, and were able to throw him into a pillar, injuring him.[2]
  • Giant Fist Strike (ジャイアントゲンコツストライク, Jaianto Genkotsu Sutoraiku): Brave Giant throws an electric-infused punch. The force of his punch is extremely impressive, managing to corner a dragon-level monster and when used at full-power, manages to defeat said dragon-level monster. First used against Phoenix Man. The attack was named in a previous version of the battle against Phoenix Man, and was never referred to in the final version, so it is unknown whether the name was kept officially.
  • Gigavolt Smash (ギガボルトスマッシュ, Giga Boruto Sumasshu): Child Emperor uses Brave Giant's maximum output to disintegrate all enemy forces outside the machine with a strong electrical discharge.
  • Energy Cannons: Brave Giant's palms are equipped with ports that allow it to fire energy blasts, powerful enough to clash with blasts fired by Phoenix Man, a Dragon-level monster, generating powerful shockwaves as a result. The robot's head is equipped with similar powers that produce laserbeam projectiles, less powerful but covering a wider area.


Brave Giant Original Design

Brave Giant's original design

Brave giant interface

Original cockpit design

  • In the first release of Chapter 99, Brave Giant had a much simpler and smoother appearance. The battle with Phoenix Man was also going slightly differently, with Phoenix Man not showcasing his different forms and Child Emperor trapping Phoenix Man in an invisible shield and preparing to strike him before the chapter ended. However, Murata believed the previous design of Child Emperor’s robot looked like a mass production model and he wanted something more befitting of a main character, so he changed the design when he redrew Chapter 99.[3]
  • Murata also changed the design of Brave Giant's cockpit in the tankōbon release.
  • Before the definitive redrawing of the battle, Brave Giant had shown a variety of weapons that did not appear in the final draft, such as a vibrating knife and a beam chisel. The draft also showed the ability to shoot the Divider Shield like a frisbee, a move named Brave Blade Shot, and shoot a huge and powerful energy beam from its hand cannons, called Millennium Emperor Nova. Since these weapons and moves were scrapped in the final version, it is unknown whether Brave Giant can actually use such techniques.
  • There were various references to Dagashi written on parts of Brave Giant's old design.
    • "U.M.A.I. Stick", or "delicious stick", is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack.
    • "Su CON-V" is a reference to sukonbu. Sukonbu is vinegar flavored konbu (edible kelp).
    • "ATALI", or "Atari" means 'hit' or 'you win'.
      • A lot of dagashi come with stuff like prize contests. For example, when you open the package, there's a lottery ticket that says "hazure" (miss) or "atari". If you win, you get some kind of prize, commonly the shop owner gives you another one of the same thing for free.


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