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Bofoi vs. Elder Centipede was the fight between the S-Class hero Metal Knight and the Monster Association executive Elder Centipede.


The Monster Association started their invasion and Elder Centipede was ordered to grab the Hero Association sponsor Narinki and his son Waganma as hostage, but Metal Bat stop the monster and the two began to fight. Metal Bat had the upper hand in the fight, however Elder Centipede managed to shake Metal Bat off by maneuvering around the city, which send Metal Bat flying across the city.


Bofoi missiles Elder

Metal Knight uses his missiles

Metal Knight launches several missiles at Elder Centipede, causing pain to the monster. Elder Centipede noted that Metal Knight is just a pest, but the hero was intrigued by the monster hard shell, wanting to get a sample of the shell to develop new weapons. Metal Knight orders Mohican and Pineapple to leave the place, since the he will test his weapons in the surrounding area.

Metal Knight battles the monster using his missiles, but Phoenix Man orders Elder Centipede to retreat, as they achieved their objective and Elder Centipede grabs Phoenix Man and Rhino Wrestler, leaving in the hole he created earlier. Metal Knight refused to allow the monster to escape and used his robot to grabs on to Elder Centipede, while Elder Centipede is leaving.


Metal Knight robot was later destroyed and in chains at the Monster Association hideout with Gyoro Gyoro and Monster King Orochi.

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