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Blue Fire (ブルーファイア, Burū Faia) is the A-Class Rank 6 professional hero of the Hero Association.


Blue Fire is a young man with his black hair cut short and dark eyes. He wears a dark blue Kung Fu suit with white trimming. During his encounter with Garou, he lost his right arm.

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Strangely when Blue Fire is seen again, showing up at the fight between Beaut and Pesky Clown. He is shown to have both arms despite loosing one before in his fight with Garou.[2]


Blue Fire is very serious and strict, especially towards criminals. He also showed no hesitation on cremating a person with his fire if deemed dangerous. Despite this ruthless attitude towards criminals, he is still a very honorable person, since his hero name was given because of his noble spirit.[1]


Hero Association Saga[]

Rumored Monster Arc[]

Blue Fire is briefly seen after Spring Mustachio sent a distress call for reinforcements. He says that he will go take a look for himself and see the truth behind the rumor ghost town with his own two eyes.[3] Blue Fire and several other heroes head to Z-City to investigate the monster after Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio are defeated, but they come to the scene after it was already beaten by Saitama.[4]

Human Monster Saga[]

Garou Introduction Arc[]

Blue Fire, Magic Trick Man, and Heavy Tank Loincloth are assigned to keep the criminals gathered by Sitch in check. During the meeting, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic steals a pamphlet and reveals the reason behind the meeting. He declines to help the association. Blue Fire is angered by this and confronts Sitch.[5]

During the meeting Garou, begins his rampage and easily defeats Magic Trick Man and Heavy Tank Loincloth. Blue Fire intervenes and attempts to cremate Garou, but Garou dodges, and the flame hits the criminals behind him. Garou rips Blue Fire's forearm off and knocks him out.[6]

Original Webcomic[]

Warning.png Expand to see original webcomic information. Beware of spoiler content.

Neo Heroes Saga[]

Supreme Hero Arc[]

After Sweet Mask reveals his true form, Blue Fire arrives at the scene to help fight Pesky Clown. He observes the destruction caused by the fight and reasons that the monster is very powerful. He asks the crowd where Sweet Mask is, and a bystander silently points at the monster hero. Blue Fire then realizes that Sweet Mask is a monster. He tries to stop the crowd from provoking Sweet Mask, fearing he will attack them. Saitama then arrives and exchanges some words with Sweet Mask. Blue Fire shouts at Saitama, warning him that Sweet Mask is dangerous, but Saitama ignores him and takes Sweet Mask away.[7]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a high ranking A-Class hero, Blue Fire is a very skilled and powerful fighter. According to Sitch, Blue Fire is close to S-Class in terms of fighting ability.[8]

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Endurance: Blue Fire remained conscious even after Garou ripped off one of his arms.

Fighting Style[]

Blue Fire's Cremation

Fire Manipulation: Through the portable flamethrower he carries, Blue Fire can project blasts of fire.

  • Cremation (火葬, Kasō): Blue Fire unleashes a blast of concentrated blue fire at a target.


Portable Flamethrower: Blue Fire secretly carries a portable flamethrower inside his sleeves that he uses to project a long, controllable stream of fire.

Hero Rating[]

Blue Fire's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total
Weapons 5 6 7 5 6 7 7 7 50

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Blue Fire, Heavy Tank Loincloth, Magic Trick Man and Criminals vs. Garou 40, 41 14 Loss


  • Blue Fire's hero name comes from his noble spirit.[1]
  • In the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover, Blue Fire was depicted as a jiangshi along with Bomb and Lin Lin, sealed by Bang through an ofuda, a Japanese traditional paper talisman. He was also shown to have a golden hook as replacement for his right hand which he lost against Garou.


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