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You're looking down on me, aren't you?
— To Atomic Samurai[1]

Black Sperm (黒い精子, Kuroi Seishi; Viz: Black Spermatozoon) is a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association.

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Golden Sperm is the most powerful member of the Monster Association right after Monster King Orochi himself.

After the Monster Association's downfall, Black Sperm becomes Saitama's pet, alongside Overgrown Rover, and is currently under the watch of Forte, Chain'n'toad, and Butterfly DX. He is also one of the few individuals aware of Saitama's strength, due to witnessing him defeat Garou.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Black Sperm is an odd-looking humanoid monster of diminutive stature. He has a completely black body and a pale, white face with black eyes and a tail-like protrusion on the top of his head. He is often portrayed in a more simplistic style than the other characters, reminiscent of ONE's original webcomic.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Black Sperm is an arrogant yet insecure monster. He is very confident in his abilities, shown in his willingness to take on Monster King Orochi, but he dislikes when other people "look down on him" for his appearance or personality, and if he senses that someone is doing so, he becomes furious. At the same time, he is willing to work with others in order to take on a stronger opponent, shown by his cooperation with the Monster Association.

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Like other monsters, Black Sperm appears to care little for the lives of humans as he was about to kill the child kidnapped by the Monster Association without remorse. Likely due to his nature, he is accustomed to teamwork and is often the one to suggest teaming up with the other executives to take on strong enemies such as Tatsumaki. As more sperm cells merge together, the newly formed cell copies become more and more arrogant. When Golden Sperm is formed, the newly formed sperm copy becomes extremely arrogant, not even caring about his other sperm copies and telling them to simply merge with him due to his superior power.

After being defeated by Garou and then witnessing Saitama defeat Garou in turn, Black Sperm is humbled greatly. He begins to patiently bide his time and slowly build his cell stock back up over time. He decides to stick around with a stronger being, which happens to be Saitama in this case, rather than go off on his own.

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

As a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association, Black Sperm is an extremely powerful being. He was able to easily overwhelm the S-Class hero Atomic Samurai during their battle due to his abilities being the perfect counter to the hero's fighting style.

Gyoro Gyoro believes that if Black Sperm and Homeless Emperor team up together, they can kill anyone.[5]

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Sweet Mask stated that even if all of the S-Class heroes fought Golden Sperm, it would still be a very difficult task to defeat him. Along with this, he was the only one besides Saitama who was able to fight against evolved Garou on equal footing, even if it was only for a few moments. It is possible that, in the manga, Golden Sperm is the most powerful member of the Monster Association. Murata does not know who is stronger between Golden Sperm and Orochi in terms of raw strength, although Orochi is a more advanced combatant.[6]

Physical Abilities[edit | edit source]

Black Sperm attacks Atomic Samurai

Immense Strength: Contrary to his appearance, Black Sperm possesses great strength even with only one individual. A copy of himself was able to badly injure Atomic Samurai, an S-Class hero, in one hit and was able to subdue the hero with overwhelming numbers of himself in no time during their battle.[7]

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He was also capable of lifting a huge boulder thrown at him by Sweet Mask with ease, as well as tear off one of Genos's arms.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Black Sperm possesses impressive speed and agility, this was displayed when a copy of himself managed to react to and dodge an air slash from Atomic Samurai, with the swordsman was also somewhat impressed by his speed, saying he was a swift monster.[8]

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A smaller, presumably weaker, copy of Black Sperm was able to keep up with Genos' immense speed effortlessly.

Shapeshifting: Black Sperm is able to increase in size and manipulate his body shape in any way he chooses such as manifesting multiple heads or limbs.[9]

Black Sperm regenerates and replicates himself after being cut to pieces by Atomic Samurai

Regeneration: Black Sperm possesses incredible regenerative abilities, as he was able to fully regenerate his body from being cut to pieces as well as being able to split into copies of himself.[10]

Replication: Instead of being killed, whenever he is dealt a fatal blow that would typically result in death, Black Sperm will split into even more copies of himself if he still has enough cell stock. He can also split himself at will.[11]

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He has 11 trillion 449 billion 1 million 712 thousand 554 cells.

Fusion: Multiple Black Sperm cells are able to fuse together into one being with greatly enhanced power. However, their fused form loses the ability to separate or regenerate.

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

High level Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Black Sperm often relies on brute strength and overwhelming numbers to defeat opponents. However, according to Drive Knight, he possesses a high level of combat ability.[12]

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Coalescence (合体, Gattai): Black Sperm irreversibly combines his cells to form a more powerful version of himself. The more cells he combines, the stronger and more arrogant the created version of himself will be.

Multi-Cell Sperm Webcomic.png

  • Multi-cell Sperm (多細胞精子, Ta Saibō Seishi): A fusion of any number of cells less than ten trillion. The strength of this form has yet to be observed as the only Multi-cell Sperm observed was quickly taken out by Tatsumaki.
Augmented Strength: His strength was presumably augmented, but it was not shown due to Tatsumaki eliminating it instantly.
Augmented Speed and Reflexes: His speed and reflexes were presumably augmented, but they weren't shown due to Tatsumaki eliminating it instantly.
Augmented Durability: His durability was presumably augmented, but it still wasn't enough, as Tatsumaki was able to nearly effortlessly eliminate it.
  • Golden Sperm is born

    Golden Sperm (黄金精子, Ōgon Seishi): This state requires at least ten trillion cells to create. This form vastly increases his powers to amazing heights and he is able to defeat an injured Tatsumaki, as well as temporarily fight with evolved Garou, something none of the other S-Class heroes could do. Sweet Mask went so far as to comment Golden Sperm was beyond his abilities, and that even if all the S-Class heroes ganged up against him, it would be a very difficult fight.
Augmented Strength: As Golden Sperm, he was powerful enough to partially penetrate through Tatsumaki's barrier as well as cause great destruction and destroy nearby rocks in his battle with Garou.
Augmented Speed and Reflexes: Golden Sperm is so fast that he was easily able to blitz Tatsumaki in a split second with no visible effort. He is also so fast that he was able to keep up with Garou's speed, with none of the conscious S-Class heroes being able to see their fight.
Augmented Durability: Golden Sperm has incredible durability, as he remained unfazed when Tatsumaki attempted to break his neck and was also able to take several attacks from evolved Garou and continue fighting.
Psychic Resistance: Golden Sperm is able to very effectively resist an injured Tatsumaki's psychic attacks with very little effort. However, it has been confirmed that if she were at full power, he could lose.[13]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You're looking down on me, aren't you?"[14]
  • "Do you still think you can win? I am a countless number of 'me' merged into one entity. No matter how you cut or tear, how you strike, crush, twist, I'll keep multiplying."[15]
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  • "All heroes except Tornado, please form a line and wait for your turn to be killed."[16]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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  • Black Sperm can increase his cell stock by eating protein.
  • ONE stated that Tatsumaki, in her best shape, could have beaten Golden Sperm.[13]
  • ONE stated that Golden Sperm is equal in strength to Ossan (the main protagonist of Makai no Ossan, another of ONE's works).[13]
  • Murata is uncertain who is stronger between Orochi and Golden Sperm, but states that Orochi has superior techniques.[19]

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