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Hahaha! Looks like a hero has arrived! Through my concentrated caffeinated breath, you won't be able to sleep at all tonight!

Black Roast (ブラックバイセン, Burakku Baisen; Viz: Dark Roast) was a Tiger-level Mysterious Being. He was killed by Air.[1]


Black Roast was a humanoid monster with a coffee cup head and wears a black shirt with the words "I ♥ COFFEE" written on it.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Disaster Level[]

Black Roast is defeated

Black Roast suddenly appeared in Z-City, near a gray apartment complex, attempting to take over humanity by abusing their coffee addiction. He was confronted by A-Class heroes and easily beaten in a single strike by one of them, Air.

Abilities & Powers[]

As a Tiger-level monster, it can be assumed that Black Roast was fairly powerful, although Air, an A-Class hero, killed him with one blow.

Concentrated Caffeinated Breath: Black roast can use a caffeinated breath from his mouth that can make people unable to sleep.



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