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Big Iron (ビッグアイアン, Bigguaian) is an A-Class criminal. He is the leader of the Iron Fist gang.[1]


Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Psychic Sisters ArcEdit

Big Iron and his gang hold Erika hostage. Feather attempts to save her but is beat down after defeating several of the gang. Before Big Iron can finish the hero off, Tatsumaki sends Saitama flying through the wall and knocks out Feather. Big Iron orders his gang to attack Tatsumaki and attacks Saitama to get him out of the way, but Saitama punches him through the wall.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Not much is known about Big Iron's strength. However, as an A-Class criminal, he is presumably quite powerful.


  • Iron Gauntlet: Big Iron's weapon of choice.


  1. One-Punch Man Webcomic; Chapter 104


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