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A currently unnamed male worker at the Hero Association and one of its staff members.


The Bespectacled Worker is a young man with hazel eyes and hair, which he keeps in a neat, gentlemanly manner by parting it in the middle with gentle flicks outward together with an undercut. He wears a standard black business suit and a green tie. His most noticeable feature is his silver round-framed glasses.


Introduction Saga

House of Evolution Arc

He is seen with his partner at the, now destroyed, House of Evolution headquarters. He comments on the damage the culprit has caused.[1]

Hero Association Saga

National Superhero Registry Arc

During the meeting they were discussing the upcoming hero exam. Later he was seen interviewing Genos and questioning him about whether or not he was the one that destroyed the House of Evolution.[2] After the exams were over he was with Sneck, informing him about the result of Genos and Saitama, telling him the latter might surpass him.[3]

Sea Monster Arc

While a colleague was on Mumen Rider's phone conversing with the newcomer, both he and his co-worker surmised that this exercise could be the opportunity they needed to gauge Saitama's true strength.[4]

Alien Conquerors Arc

During the invasion of the Dark Matter Thieves, he and his co-worker look to the devastation of A-City. While his partner gauges the threat to be Dragon in scale, he himself opts to withhold the danger level for now in the likely even the threat is actually level God.[5]


  • He is one of the first and few people aware of Saitama's godlike strength, having commented on it multiple times and even stating it's as if there's a god inside Saitama's body.[6]


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