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A currently unnamed male worker at the Hero Association and one of its staff members. After investigating Saitama's results of the hero exam, he became one of the few people who are aware of Saitama's power.


He is a tall man with short black hair and brown eyes. He has a stubbly beard and wears a standard black business suit with a white shirt and gray tie.


Introduction Saga[]

House of Evolution Arc[]

He is seen with his partner at the, now destroyed, House of Evolution headquarters. He is on the cellphone talking about their finding and suspecting the cyborg was responsible.[1]

Hero Association Saga[]

National Superhero Registry Arc[]

During the meeting, they were discussing the upcoming hero exam and was confirming Genos was participating. Later he was seen interviewing Genos, questioning him whether he was responsible for the destruction of the House of Evolution.[2]

Sea Monster Arc[]

While on the phone line with Mumen Rider warning him against going towards the safety shelter where the Demon level threat was attacking. As he continually shouted through the now patron-less phone Saitama happened by the phone searching for the threat, as he conversed with him the worker while hesitant at first to dispatch a C-Class hero to the scene where the Sea King was attacking. He noted Saitama's case file as a blank slate in achievements with few to no-one in the association knowing just how powerful he really is due to his dubious reputation, interested to see for himself he gives said hero the coordinates to the battleground.[3]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

In the anime, after the giant spaceship has destroyed A-City in an instant,[4] he tells the other Hero Association officers to issue an evacuation warning to the destroyed city and all neighboring cities. He further remarks that it might be a God-level threat.

Monster Raid Arc[]

He notices a sudden burst in monster attacks across multiple cities.[5]

Monster Association Arc[]

He communicates with King to inform the hero of a way to defeat Elder Centipede.[6]


  • He is similar in appearance to Saitama before he loses his hair, with the only clear difference being his beard.


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