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Bazuzu (バズズ, Bazuzu) is a Martial Artist and user of the Bazuzu Nuclear Explosive Fist.


Bazuzu is a man of muscular build with his dark hair kept in a long Mohawk. He also has thick eyebrows and a small beard. His attire consists of a tan coloured one-strap top with black wristbands.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

Bazuzu is participating in the Super Fight Tournament in C-City at the C-City Super Stadium. This is the third time Bazuzu has participated in the tournament.[1] While watching the match between Max and Suiryu, he was shocked by the latter's strength, and how easily he defeated his opponent.[2] He was defeated by Volten after the latter shocks him to the point of unconsciousness.[3]

Super Fight Arc[]

As he was being taken to the hospital, The Three Crows took him hostage and brought back to the stadium, along with Rosie and Dave.[4] He remains unconscious through the whole ordeal and was taken care of by Gatlin.[5]

Abilities and Powers[]

Not much is known about Bazuzu's strength. He settles all of his fights within 90 seconds.[6]

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Bazuzu's strikes are described to have a destructive force.[7]

Fighting Style[]

Proficient Martial Artist: Bazuzu has won many fights in the past.

  • Bazuzu Nuclear Explosive Fist (バズズ核爆拳, Bazuzu Kakubaku Ken; Viz: Bazuzu's Nuclear Fist): He doesn't have the chance to show this style since he was electrocuted by Volten and knocked out cold.

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Bazuzu vs. Volten (Off screen) 63 18 Loss


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