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The Battle Suits are special suits created by the The Organization to enhance the wearer's strength and durability to superhuman levels.

The Organization created two versions of the suits, which are the black version for the Paradisers and the white version for Narinki's Private Squad. The true reasons for fabricating these suits are largely unknown, besides the obscure fact that they want to gather combat data as they intentionally let the Paradisers steal them to the fact that they even sent G5 to assist the Monster Association to deal with Narinki's squad.

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The Neo-Heroes also have their own version of battlesuits used by both Neo Heroes and Neo-Leader. Child Emperor suspects Bofoi is involved in the development of the suits.

Black Version[edit | edit source]

This is the version worn by the Paradisers. The suits enable them to access inhuman strength and durability to wreak havoc across cities.

  • Flame Version: The unique version of the suit designed with a flame pattern was used by Hammerhead, the leader of the Paradisers. This suit can be set at full power to utilize the full capacity of the suits to greatly enhance the user's power.

White Version[edit | edit source]

The Narinki's Private Squad with their battle suits

The white version is worn by Narinki's private mercenaries. These suits function like the black counterpart but are superior and come with additional weapons for wielders, such as hammers, machine guns, or swords.

This version can also be set at maximum power to immensely upgrade the user's prowess, as Do-S enslaves the group to make them utilize the full capacity of the suits. At maximum power, it is shown that the suit can increase the muscle mass of the user.

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Neo-Heroes Version[edit | edit source]

The Neo-Heroes members used the battle suits that read the nerve signal and use electric signal to react with artificial muscle in sync, which give users enhanced strength and durability. One of the Neo-Heroes members states that the suit can enable users to run at 70 kph. It is stated by Suiryu that for lower-ranked users, the suit is suitable and gives them a significant power boost, but for higher-ranked users, the suit can be restraining.[1]

The Neo-Heroes version of the battle suits seems to be the most advanced version so far as it enables a group of former C-class heroes of the Hero Association to fight toe-to-toe with Tiger disaster level threats fairly effectively.[2]

The suit also comes with the Limiter Release function, which overclocking the suits beyond its maximum level, increasing the combat prowess of users at extraordinary level. However, it is shown that the function has two biggest downside that inexperienced users will be unable to control their attack movements and the suit will overheat and breakdown, leaving the wearers immobilize in the process. This is proven when Suiryu was unable to restrain his attacks against Garou and only stopped when his suit completely brokedown and overheated, leaving him immobilized for a short time.[3]

Mumen Rider Version[edit | edit source]

The Neo Heroes provides Mumen Rider with a special battle suit customised for him. The power armour is shown to be extremely strong, granting Mumen Rider enough strength to defeat Lightning Demon, a Demon-level threat, in a single attack.[4]

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