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My thirst for violence turned me into a monster! Now that I'm superhuman, I'm invincible! Bring it on, gramps!!
— Fist Fight Djinn to Bang

Bang vs. Fist Fight Djinn was the fight between the S-Class hero Silver Fang and the Demon-level threat Fist Fight Djinn.


Fist Fight Djinn, a member of the Monster Association and a Demon-level threat, suddenly comes out of nowhere and assaults the A-Class hero Smile Man. Bang, while trying to find his former disciple Garou, later arrives at the scene and is asked for cooperation by Smile Man, but he ignores the A-Class hero and then confronts the monster on his own.


As Bang slowly approaches Fist Fight Djinn, the monster recognises him as being a famous martial artist. Fist Fight Djinn then tells the hero that he himself was also a martial artist, and reveals that his thirst for violence had turned him into a Mysterious Being. The monster then tries to attack Bang while boasting about its newfound strength and stating that defeating the old man will raise its standing in the Monster Association.

Before Fist Fight Djinn can land his punch on Bang, the monster is quickly brutalised and finished off by the hero unleashing a flurry of strikes on it in an blink of an eye without the monster even being able to react. Bang then comes out of the fight victorious.


After defeating Fist Fight Djinn, Bang and Bomb continue to try to find Garou. Smile Man is amazed at the S-Class hero's strength and wonders where Fist Fight Djinn came from.

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