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Bang's dojo (バングの道場, Bangu no Dōjō) is the training facility where Bang teaches Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.[1] The dojo was passed down to Bang from previous generations.[2]


Bang's dojo has been in his family for generations. Because of this, he asserts that he cannot abandon it.[3] He currently teaches Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist there.[3]

Bang used to have hundreds of students, but they all quit when Garou went rogue and defeated them all. The only remaining student was Charanko, who was absent that day.[4] Bang is currently trying to recruit new students to his dojo. His primary targets are Saitama and Genos.


The dojo is located on top of a mountain in Z-City.[5] There are hundreds of stairs on the path to the dojo, and a waterfall starts from said mountain nearby.


Name Position Status
Sour FaceEx-MemberLeft Group


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