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Banero (バネロ, Banero) is a C-Class criminal and serial arsonist.


Banero face

Banero, unmasked

Banero is a young male with dark hair, round face and two large, canine teeth. He wears finger-less gloves and a thick down jacket over a red hooded sweatshirt, which is emblazoned with a grinning jack-o-lantern pepper and hides his entire face.

In battle, Banero's face glows and contorts to resemble his sweatshirt insignia.


Banero is a pyromaniac, having committed repeated arson and carrying concealed weapons. This obsession makes him reckless, single-handedly engaging the Blizzard Group twenty-to-one.

Apperances in Other MediaEdit


A New Wind BlowsEdit

Banero surrounded

Banero confronts the Blizzard Group

While crossing a crowded street, Banero is identified by twenty members of the Blizzard Group, who surround him in a back alley and demand his surrender.

After a brief conversation, Banero attacks, but is swiftly overpowered and beaten unconscious, while the Blizzard Group members debate how to distribute the credit.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He was previously a very skilled acrobatic barista and that is why he can use the molotov as he wants.[1]


Banero molotov

Light em up!

Molotov Cocktails: Banero carries a large number of molotov cocktails on his person, each labelled with his personal insignia and the word 'Molotov'.[2]


  • "Heh...I will burn you all down..."[2]


  • Banero's name and emblem are references to the habanero pepper, an extremely hot chili pepper.


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