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The ball-chinned kid (アゴの割れたガキ) is the grandson of Agoni, a multi-millionaire and the founder of the Hero Association. He was saved by Saitama three years prior to the start of the series.


The ball-chinned kid is largely characterized by his enormous cleft chin. He is a young boy with short black hair. He wears a white T-shirt with orange shorts and blue sneakers.


The ball-chinned kid is mischievous, drawing nipples on Crablante with permanent marker while the monster was asleep in the park. He is also mindless, worrying about his ball in a perilous situation.



Being attacked by Crablante

Saitama encounters the ball-chinned kid playing soccer in a park. He questions the boy about Crablante. Saitama begins to walk away, reasoning that the situation is none of his business. Suddenly, Crablante appears and attacks the boy, but Saitama pulls him to safety.[1]


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