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B-City (B市 B Shi) is a large city on Earth. This city was briefly seen when The Brain and Brawn Brothers headed there in their quest to rule the world.

There are at least 12 heroes living in this city.[1]



Number of Heroes by Class:[1]

  • A-Class: 1
  • B-Class: 3
  • C-Class: 8


Introduction SagaEdit

Saitama Introduction ArcEdit

The Brain and Brawn Brothers visit B-City in their quest to rule the world. Before being able to destroy the city, they are defeated by Saitama, but the latter's punch sends the giant falling on the city, demolishing it in his fall.[2]

Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

The Hero association executives mention the city being destroyed in Marugori's attack.


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