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Genos, TrainingEdit

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[2] Translated the One Punch Man Maji Drama CD Vol. 2, titled ‘Genos, Training’. The event is presumed to be taking place sometime after season one of anime, but before Genos meets Gouketsu.

Dr. Kuseno develops Virtual Genocide System (VGS), a headgear that reads brainwaves and simulates battles between the wearer and monster data stored in VGS. You picture how you fight in your head and VGS will carry it out in the simulation, the resulting battle is visualized on an external monitor. Genos uses these simulated battles to gauge his abilities and gain experience. The events in the audio drama take place before Genos’ encounter with Gouketsu, as in the episode Genos claims Carnage Kabuto was the strongest monster he faced.

First, Genos easily defeats all enemies in VGS artificially created by Dr. Kuseno. He then moves his training to the next stage by uploading data collected on monsters he fought IRL to VGS and engaging in simulated battles with them. The results are as follows:

Participants Result Note(s)
Genos vs. Mosquito Girl Genos one shots MG Genos: I will not be careless this time
Genos vs. Deep Sea King Genos uses Machine Gun Blow + Incineration Cannon, two shots DSK Rain sound in background so it’s hydrated DSK. Genos: I will no longer be defeated by digestive acid. Subsequent simulations show Genos with > 70% chance of victory against any disaster level demon monster
Genos vs. Carnage Kabuto Kabuto two shots Genos. 54 further simulations: 54 Kabuto victories No mention of Kabuto going Carnage Mode. Genos: I am nowhere near CK’s level, despite all my upgrades and time spent with sensei

Genos seeks advice from Dr. Kuseno, who tells him he won’t learn much fighting a vastly superior opponent like Kabuto. Kuseno suggests that Genos use his own data to create a ghost of himself in VGS. By besting your own ghost in simulated combat, you become a slightly better version of yourself.

After training against his ghost for some time, Genos decides to see how his latest ghost would fair against Saitama. Hopeful, he brings VGS to Saitama’s apartment. Saitama was a bit confused at what it is but uses it anyway. Saitama's results:

Participants Result Note(s)
Saitama vs. Monsters Saitama one shots Names of the monsters not specified, Genos only mentions that Saitama wrecks all of them just like in real life. We hear the OPM's theme and sound effect indicating a single punch
Saitama vs. Ghost Genos Saitama one shots Saitama: this is like a video game but way easier

Genos, a little depressed: Sensei’s strength is a total mystery, it’s naive of me to think I can figure him out with mere simulations. Saitama meanwhile realizes he accidentally punched holes through his apartment walls during the simulation and is pissed.

Genos contacts HA and sent out a call for powerful heroes to gather at the HA headquarters to get more reference data for VGS. The following four heroes agree to participate:

  • Sneck: It can’t be helped, as your hero senpai I have to help you out
  • Zombieman: This would be interesting data for future reference
  • Metal Bat: Sounds like fun
  • Darkshine: Would be a good work out

The heroes engage in simulated combat vs. Carnage Kabuto. Results are as follows:

Participants Result Note(s)
Sneck vs. Carnage Kabuto Sneck KO’d in 2.52 seconds Genos: You’re too weak as a reference. Next.
Metal Bat vs. Carnage Kabuto Metal Bat lasted 3 minutes, then lost VGS terminates the simulation after it deemed MB’s injuries too severe to continue, MB argues that those injuries would not stop him in real life, and that his fighting spirit will revive him, implying VGS isn’t properly simulating his fighting spirit. Carnage Kabuto is in Carnage Mode.
Zombieman vs. Carnage Kabuto Kabuto quickly destroys Zombieman, leaving only his head. A one-sided beat down continues for one week, but Kabuto eventually exhausts himself in Carnage Mode and becomes immobile. Zombieman kills him with a counter attack Simulation clock is sped up. Zombieman: VGS didn’t stop the simulation because my brain didn’t register those injuries as serious damage or real danger. Genos: His body is too weird, no good as reference at all.
Superalloy Darkshine vs. Carnage Kabuto Darkshine unleashes maximum power, penetrates Carnage Kabuto's defense with his attack power and defeats it after 15 minutes of head on assault Carnage Kabuto is in Carnage Mode. Darkshine: he’s much stronger than I thought, took me 15 minutes. Genos: Has your body been modified? Darkshine: Only by muscle, this is pure muscle power. Genos: Time to ask Dr. Kuseno for muscle upgrades?

Genos: Alright, Biting Snake Fist Sneck, you (omae) first.

T/N Genos used the very informal second person pronoun omae* (おまえ) implying equal or superior status

Sneck: Oma…dude, I’m your senior after all.

Sneck: Tsk, I just have to put this on, right?

Simulation System Voice: Player Sneck. Initiating simulation.

Sneck: Hmph, I’m going to show you guys right here, that I’m actually pretty damn strong.

Sounds of explosion

Simulation System Voice: Player Sneck. Incapacitated in battle. Simulation terminated.

Sneck: I got finished in 3 seconds!

Genos: Not correctly speaking. It was 2.52 seconds.

Sneck: W..what the hell was that enemy just now?

Genos: It’s a monster I fought in the past, Carnage Kabuto.

Sneck: There’s something wrong with its power setting.

Genos: Hm, you really can’t be used as reference.

Sneck: Eh…is that it for me…?

Genos (cutting Sneck off): Next! Metal Bat, your turn to challenge it.

Metal Bat: Hmph, let me give it a shot.

Simulation System Voice: Player Metal Bat. Initiating simulation.

Metal Bat: Bring it on!

Sounds of explosion, impact, Metal Bat shouting.

Zombieman: It’s a frontal assault.

Darkshine: What a magnificent swing!

Genos: No wonder he’s an S-class hero. I guess he’s not easy to finish, that said…

Carnage Kabuto: YYEEEAAAHHHH!


Metal Bat: Whoa!

Carnage Kabuto: Muhahahaha, dumbass!

Simulation System Voice: Player Metal Bat. Incapacitated in battle. Simulation terminated.

Genos: He wasn’t able to win,

Genos: but that was his first fight with Kabuto and he lasted 3 minutes.

Genos: That’s pretty impressive.

Metal Bat: Huh? That’s it? It’s over?

Genos: You lost, Metal Bat, because the damage you sustained were too grave for you to continue.

Metal Bat: Huh? What are you talking about? I can totally keep going.

Genos: No, when you get injured to that extent, it is over.

Genos: You are considered “dead” in the virtual world.

Metal Bat: No way, Jose. I might have lost in the game world, but in the real world it won’t go like that.

Metal Bat: It might be over once you die in the game world,

Metal Bat: but in the real world, a death is just a flesh wound. You can totally revive through fighting spirit and have another go, know what I’m saying?!!

Sneck: Eh, isn’t it usually the other way?

Darkshine: Calm down, Metal Bat kun!

Darkshine: It would make a mess of things if you get into a real fight with Genos here!

Metal Bat: Damn it!

Zombieman: Next, it's my turn.

Genos: Zombieman, I heard you're an unkillable hero.

Zombieman: Hmph, if the device can read my brainwaves and recreate my body's abilities as well as the damages in the simulation, it will be a reflection of my characteristics in actual combat.

Metal Bat: Aren't you the confident one.

Genos: This guy could provide great reference data.

Simulation System Voice: Player Zombieman, initiating simulation training.

Zombieman: Come, as long as it's something that can be defeated.

Carnage Kabuto: Duummmmbassss!

Sound of stuff breaking/being squished

Metal Bat: Oy oy, Zombieman. I thought he'd start the battle with leisure, isn't this a completely one-sided beating?

Sneck: Ouch, I can't bear to watch.

Darkshine: His body is gradually disappearing, is it okay to keep it going? It's starting to look gory as hell.

Sound of stuff breaking continues

Genos: This is strange, the battle should have long since been concluded, but the system isn't stopping it. What's going on?

Zombieman: It must be because my brain isn't acknowledging this as real danger on a cognitive level.

Zombieman: Stuff like this isn't even considered real damage.

Metal Bat: No no no, what a load of bollocks. A body-less head is in no position to say that!

Genos: Totally not useful for reference!

Metal Bat: Looks like it's going to go on for awhile, yawn, I'm gonna take a nap. Holler when it's over.

Darkshine: I'm going to take a break and get ready for my battle.

Genos: Then aside from Zombieman, it's recess for everyone else. Everyone, go take a break.

Genos monologue: Afterwards, Zombieman's battle lasted for over 3 hours, since there was no conclusion, the system automatically sped up its simulation clock and one week has passed in the simulation.

Simulation System Voice: Simulation training, terminated.

Darkshine: Hey Zombieman is back!

Metal Bat: Finally conceding defeat?

Zombieman: I won.

Genos: What did you say?

Zombieman: After transforming into Carnage mode or whatever and rampaging, it spent all its stamina and couldn't even move.

Zombieman: I saw my chance and started my attack.

Sneck: Winning after losing for 1 week straight...

Genos: That's amazing, but can't be used as reference at all.

Darkshine: Great, last but not least, it's my turn!

Genos: Superalloy Darkshine!

Darkshine: Since we’re in virtual space, it would be okay for me to release the full power of my muscles, right?

Genos: Yes, let me bear witness to your power.

Simulation System Voice: Player Superalloy Darkshine. Initiating simulation.

Darkshine: Hmph!!

Sounds of explosion and CK grunting.

Carnage Kabuto: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!

Sneck: Whoa, this is…

Zombieman: Spectacular fight.

Genos: It’s working! This means Superalloy Darkshine’s strength goes beyond Kabuto’s defense.

Continued sound effects of battle.

Darkshine: HMPH! !

Sneck or Genos, not sure which: WHOA!

Simulation System Voice: Enemy, incapacitated in battle. Player, Superalloy Darkshine, victory. Simulation terminated.

Darkshine: Yeah! I won!

Darkshine: He’s a lot stronger than I imagined, took me 15 minutes.

Genos: Zombieman is undead, so his body makes sense, but what’s with your body, Darkshine? Has it been modified?

Darkshine: I’m not a modified human! Although, I can’t say my body hasn’t been modified…by the power of muscles!

Genos: Muscles?

Genos: Looks like I have to give up on upgrading my parts.

Genos: Maybe I should discuss with Dr. Kuseno about installing muscle upgrades.

Superalloy Darkshine asks Genos if there’re more powerful monster stored in VGS, Genos says Carnage Kabuto was the strongest it had, unless if Darkshine wants to fight his own ghost. Darkshine plays with the device and accidentally activates Saitama’s ghost:

Participants Result Note(s)
Superalloy Darkshine vs. Ghost Saitama Saitama Ghost one shots The other heroes didn’t actually see Saitama, only a silhouetted baldy. VGS breaks afterwards, the heroes think the device is bugged

Genos fixes VGS and asks Saitama the next day to fight his own ghost, recorded by VGS the day before. As Saitama dons the device, a worried Genos has an inner monologue.

Genos: This enemy has power unlike anything Saitama sensei has ever faced, he will be forced into a hard battle against his own ghost…sensei has been down since yesterday putting holes in his wall, is this a bad time? Will not being able to one punch his ghost affect him mentally? What if a defeated sensei loses his mojo and retire as hero? This is a huge, putting sensei in such danger in order to satisfy my, I have to explain to sensei what I’m getting him into…sensei…!! Then:

Participants Result Note(s)
Saitama vs. Ghost Saitama from yesterday Saitama one shots his ghost Genos: it's okay if you lost sensei, your opponent was you from yesterday....what! Saitama: why would I ever lose to myself from yesterday? Genos frantically taking notes

Genos: Sensei is far more powerful today than he was yesterday…is that even possible?

Saitama: It’s just unreliable simulated data right?

Saitama: It doesn’t matter how strong you become in the virtual world, it will never change who you are in real life. I learned this lesson the hard way as a kid, when I was so obsessed with leveling up in an RPG I missed my entire summer holiday. Now enough virtual reality, go fix the wall!

Junior high school student Saitama Episode 2Edit

A poor student of Z Municipal Peace Junior High School, a Metal Bat called "Zen mad dog" is involved with middle school students at the tank top industrial university on the way to school. I can be blamed for the student council president's emperor to fight with students from other schools.

A 4-way fight between a monster called Demon Errand Boy, Sweet Mask, Metal Bat and Tanktop Master. Sweet Mask, Tanktop Master and Metal Bat fight each other to exhaustion, the monster gets away, only to get one punched by Saitama. Then King shows up and somehow takes the credit. The whole thing is set in a parallel universe where everyone is a student but there are still monsters and everyone still has powers.


Great thanks to the following people for providing the translations

  • sysr23 and hdx514 for Genos, Training translation


  1. One Punch Man Maji Drama CD Vol. 2
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