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Atomic Samurai and His Disciples are a group of heroes who specialize in swordsmanship. The team consists of the S-Class hero Atomic Samurai and his A-Class disciples Iaian, Okamaitachi, and Bushidrill.


Atomic Samurai's disciples are all skillful swordsmen under the tutelage of the hero and rank just below Sweet Mask in the A-Class rankings. According to Fubuki, all of the disciples would be in S-Class if it weren't for Sweet Mask's gatekeeping.[1]


Hero Association Saga

Alien Conquerors Arc

Iaian accompanies Atomic Samurai to the Hero Association Headquarters in A-City, when the city is suddenly demolished by the Dark Matter Thieves.[2] He manages to save a father and child from Melzargard.[3] One of Melzargard's attacks tears Iaian's arm off. He is saved by his master and is ordered to stop bleeding. Iaian later observes the fight between Melzargard and the heroes Atomic Samurai, Bang, Puri-Puri Prisoner and Metal Bat. Seeing their attacks do nothing to Melzargard, Iaian tells them to retreat and find a solution to defeat it, but his pleas are ignored.[4] After the monster is defeated, Atomic Samurai helps Iaian retreat to safety.

Human Monster Saga

Super Fight Arc

Bushidrill, Okamaitachi, and Iaian discuss Garou's hero hunt as they await the end of the meeting of the the Council of Swordmasters.[5] After Atomic Samurai kills the monsterized Haragiri, he declares that instead of focusing on Garou, the group will strike the Monster Association first.[6]

Monster Association Arc

After the disciples enter the Monster Association HQ, they find themselves facing Do-S and her mind-controlled mercenaries. However, they are interrupted by Sweet Mask who tells them to leave Do-S and the mercenaries to him. The disciples run into Pig God who is consuming The Great Food Tub, so they decide to take a different route.

Iaian, Okamaitachi and Bushidrill soon find Devil Long Hair blocking their way, but the three swordsmen manage to defeat him.

The disciples later encounter a safe in which the Monster Association executive Evil Natural Water is kept in, but they are no match for the water based monster with their sword techniques.


Name Position Status
Atomic SamuraiLeaderActive


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