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This is hopeless. Master has yet to teach us... 'the method for cutting water.'
— Iaian regretting the forlorn situation.

Atomic Samurai's Disciples vs. Evil Natural Water was the fight between the top ranking A-Class heroes Iaian, Okamaitachi, and Bushidrill and the Monster Association executive Evil Natural Water.


Atomic Samurai's Disciples chase down a monster that managed to escape their initial attacks. The monster arrives at a vault containing Evil Natural Water and Mad Doctor Fish. The monster explains what Evil Natural Water is and why it's kept in a tank. The monster then breaks the tank holding the monsters in an attempt to make Evil Natural Water attack the heroes, but it is attacked and absorbed by the monsters while the disciples watch in horror.


Atomic Samurai's Disciples defeated by Evil Natural Water

Evil Natural Water launches several of the Mad Doctor Fish at Iaian, who deals with them rather easily. However, after just a single jet of water pierces Iaian's sword, the hero quickly realizes the hopelessness of the situation, mulling over how their master has yet to teach them the method for "cutting water". Despite the forlorn situation, the three Disciples take their stances and prepare to do whatever they can.

The disciples are later found defeated by Child Emperor.


  • There are a few art inconsistencies. After Iaian's sword gets pierced, it appears to be fixed on the very next page. Likewise, a few panels featuring the Disciples lack their injuries, scuff marks, and apparel damage they sustained while fighting Devil Long Hair.
  • In the webcomic, Evil Natural Water was never put in a tank; the monster merely came across the three heroes in the hallway. Additionally, the monster that unleashed Evil Natural Water and the Mad Doctor Fish are manga original.


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