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Armored Chief Clerk (アーマード係長, Āmādo Kakarichō; Viz: Armored Assistant Manager) is the C-Class Rank 111 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Armored Chief Clerk is a middle-aged bespectacled man, dressed like a normal employee, with his limbs covered with a metallic-looking armor. He constantly has a worried-looking expression on his face.

History Edit

In order to pursue his dream of being a hero, he resigned from his white collar job and created a suit of armor using the severance pay, becoming a professional hero.[1]


Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

Armored Chief Clerk converses with several other heroes about the rumored monster in Z-City.[2]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Pork Cutlet BowlEdit

Armored Chief Clerk was among the many heroes summoned by McCoy to combat the monster that was devastating the Z-City police station. He arrives at the scene late, after Saitama has already killed the monster.

Tatsumaki's Day OffEdit

Armored Chief Clerk was seen consuming stomach medicine before preparing to fight Hotdog. The monster was quickly obliterated by Tatsumaki, giving Armored Chief Clerk no chance to fight it.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being a member of the lower rank C-Class Heroes implies that Armored Chief Clerk isn't a very powerful fighter. Armored Chief Clerk was confident enough to take on a Wolf level threat, which is impressive considering the fact it usually takes 3 C-Class to defeat a Wolf level threat.


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