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Armored Chief Clerk (アーマード係長, Āmādo Kakarichō; Viz: Armored Assistant Manager) is the C-Class Rank 111 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Armored Chief Clerk is a middle-aged bespectacled man, dressed like a normal employee, with his limbs covered with a metallic-looking armor. He constantly has a worried-looking expression on his face.


He enjoys his role as a hero, and he takes himself very seriously even when fighting weak monsters.


In order to pursue his dream of being a hero, he resigned from his white-collar job and created a suit of armor using the severance pay, becoming a professional hero.[1]


Hero Association Saga[]

Rumored Monster Arc[]

Armored Chief Clerk converses with several other heroes about the rumored monster in Z-City.[2]

Appearances in Other Media[]


Pork Cutlet Bowl[]

Armored Chief Clerk was among the many heroes summoned by McCoy to combat the monster that was devastating the Z-City police station. He arrived at the scene late, after Saitama had already killed the monster.[3]

Tatsumaki's Day Off[]

Armored Chief Clerk was seen consuming stomach medicine before preparing to fight Hotdog. The monster was quickly obliterated by Tatsumaki, giving Armored Chief Clerk no chance to fight it.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Being a member of the lower rank C-Class Heroes implies that Armored Chief Clerk isn't a very powerful fighter. Armored Chief Clerk was confident enough to take on a Wolf level threat, which is impressive considering the fact it usually takes 3 C-Class to defeat a Wolf level threat.


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