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Apex Rabbit (頂点ウサギ, Chōten Usagi) was a Dragon-level threat appeared in E-City Thrill Animal Park. It was killed by Drive Knight and Genos.


A huge monster, Apex Rabbit only tangentially resembled a rabbit. It had a wide body, a multi-hinged mouth with sharp fangs, eight eyes, and skin covered in fur. Towering over humans, it was several times larger than Drive Knight and Genos combined.


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc[]

After monsterizing in the E-City Thrill Animal Park, Apex Rabbit and its fellow monster herbivores run wild until Drive Knight and Genos arrive. Apex Rabbit encounters both the heroes, fighting them, and is killed in the battle by their combined effort.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Dragon-level threat, it can be assumed that Apex Rabbit was an extremely powerful being. Even Drive Knight, a highly ranked S-Class hero, preferred not to fight Apex Rabbit alone. However; the two S-Class heroes, Drive Knight and Genos, together were able to defeat it.

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Apex Rabbit vs. Drive Knight and Genos 139 None Loss



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