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Angry Man (アングリーマン, Angurīman) is the C-Class Rank 255 professional hero for the Hero Association, and one of the Surly Brothers.


Angry Man highly resembles his brothers, with the only real differences being a different hair style and an angry symbol on his outfit.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Disaster Level[]

Spinning Top Shoot

He appears with Crying Man and Smile Man to defeat Macho Daikon. He and his brothers later received a monster notification and encounter Withered Sprout. Initially thinking the monster is weak, they decide to let Angry Man eliminate it and he uses one of his attacks. However, he gets frozen by the monster who was merely pretending to be weak and defeated all 3 heroes easily. He was later unknowingly saved by Saitama.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a mid-ranked C-Class hero, Angry Man presumably isn't very powerful. However, with the assistance of his two brothers, he was able to defeat a monster of an estimated threat level of Demon, although the heroes themselves claimed that the monster was pretty weak and clearly not Demon-level.

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Being a C-class hero, Angry Man has strength above that of a regular person.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Being a C-class hero, Angry Man has speed and reflexes above that of a regular person.

Fighting Style[]

Giant Spinning Top Combatant: Angry Man uses a Giant Spinning Top that he launches towards his opponents.

  • Spinning Top Shoot: Angry Man unleashes his spinning top towards his opponent.


Giant Spinning Top: He wields a giant spinning top in battle.


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