Angry Man (アングリーマン, Angurīman) is a C-Class Rank 255 professional hero for the Hero Association, and one of the Surly Brothers.


Angry Man highly resembles his brothers, with the only real differences being a different hair style and an angry symbol on his suit.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Disaster LevelEdit

He appears with Crying Man and Smile Man to defeat Macho Daikon. He and his brothers later received a monster notification and encounter Withered Sprout. Initially thinking the monster is weak, Angry Man was given the task to eliminate it and uses one of his attacks. However, he was later frozen by Withered Sprout who was merely pretending to be weak and was later unknowingly saved by Saitama.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Spinning Top Shoot

Spinning Top Shoot

As a mid-ranked C-Class hero, Angry Man isn't a very powerful being.

Spinning Top Shoot: Angry Man unleashes his spinning top towards his opponent.

Physical AbilitiesEdit


Giant Spinning Top: He wields a giant spinning top in battle.


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