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Angry Grandpa (マジギレ, Majigare) was a mysterious being that appeared in the audio book, "Sonic, becoming Saitama". He was killed by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.[1]


Angry Grandpa used to look like a regular human before transforming into a monster.


Angry Grandpa hated rowdy children. He would attack children for being rude. An example of this hatred is that he said: "I’m gonna teach all the kids around here a lesson in manners! And make sure none of them never try to do whatever they want again like it’s a game!"


Pushed over the edge by screaming kids and loud music in public, Angry Grandpa became a monster.


Audio BooksEdit

Sonic, Becoming SaitamaEdit

Angry Grandpa fights Mumen Rider, but is eventually taken out by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, who is disguised as Saitama.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Angry Grandpa was able to put up a fight against Mumen Rider but was easily taken out by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: Angry Grandpa was strong enough to punch holes in the ground.[2]

Enhanced Durability: Angry Grandpa could withstand bullets to no apparent damage.[3]

Frustration Accumulation: As Angry Grandpa accumulated frustration, he could unleash bursts of immense power.[4]

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Angry Grandpa fought Mumen Rider in close quarters.

  • Furious Outburst Punch: The punch was strong enough to destroy concrete.[5]

Trivia Edit


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