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Afterimage Creation is the ability to create images of oneself.


The user is able to create images of themselves, usually by moving at incredible speeds. This ability is often used in combat to mislead opponents as to the actual location of the user.[1]

Sonic, by using his Four Shadows Burial and Ten Shadows Burial techniques, is able to create up to ten images of himself. Against just the former technique, which is able to create four afterimages, Genos wasn't able to keep track of his movements.[2]

Through his Serious Side Hops technique, Saitama can create countless afterimages of himself that makes it impossible for his opponents to tell his actual location. Sonic was outmatched against this technique.[3]

During his battle against Superalloy Darkshine, Garou was shown to create a flurry of afterimages of himself in an attempt to confuse the hero and attack him using a kick. Though Darkshine managed to see through his movements and punch the real one, knocking the Hero Hunter back.[4]

List of Known Users[]

Name Affiliation Status
Awakened Cockroach Monster Association Deceased †
Saitama Hero Association/Saitama Group Alive
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Unaffiliated Alive
Garou Unaffiliated Alive
Flashy Flash Hero Association Alive


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