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"200 Yen" (200円, Ni hyaku-en) is an extra chapter included with Volume 1.


The chapter opens on a 12 year old Saitama dozed off during his middle school opening ceremony. The scene then shifts to two delinquents asking three kids for their money. At that point a young Mumen Rider, then calling himself Name-less Bicycle Commuter, shows up and attempts to stop the two delinquents. The scene then shifts to Saitama relaxing in bed, watching a news report about an escaped Mysterious Being. The scene shift again to a teacher berating Saitama for not doing his homework, and telling him to meet him in the teachers lounge after school. After the school ended, Saitama gets stopped by the two delinquents known as Ripped Uniforms. The two drag Saitama out to the school yard and ask him for his money. Saitama refuses and then prepares to fight them, but gets beaten up easily.

At that point the escaped Mysterious Being, Piggy Bancon shows up and takes all the money the two delinquents had, which includes Saitama's money, it then runs away. The one delinquent then states that now he won't be able to pay for his little brothers lunch, at which point Saitama gets up and chases after the monster, he eventually catches it but gets knocked out for at least an hour. He then shows up at the teachers lounge, beaten and uniform torn apart, and gets shouted at. After leaving the teacher lounge, he started to question his future, if he will be able to live properly. The scene then jumps forward in time to a Saitama carrying a child on his shoulders on a snowy hill having just defeated a snowman monster. The child then asks if Saitama can beat up another snow monster, this one being significantly larger. At this point Saitama realizes he forgot to take out the trash.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saitama
  2. Mumen Rider (Debut)
  3. Piggy Bancon (debut and unseen-death)
  4. Giant Snowman (debut and presumed death)

Chapter Notes[]



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