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Больше всего я люблю играть с добычей, пока та не сломается и не умрёт.
— Нян[1]

Нян (エビル天然水, Ebiru Tennensui) - это монстр драконьего уровня угрозы и начальник Ассоциации Монстров.


Нян - котоподобный монстр со светлым мехом. У него горизонтальные полосы на спине и хвосте и три вертикальные полосы, которые пересекают его лоб до задней части головы. Он носит ошейник с прикреплённым к нему колокольчиком.



Раньше Нян был обычным домашним котом, которого очень любила его хозяйка. Позже кот стал интеллектуальным монстром и был способен говорить на человеческом языке. В какой-то момент из-за его чрезвычайно садистских тенденций он покинул свою хозяйку и присоединился к Ассоциации Монстров.


Сага Человек-монстр

Арка Супер Битва

В какой-то момент Нян ворвался к заключённым в тюрьме, в надежде найти Гомо Гомо Зека, но его там не было. Вместо этого Нян превратил всех заключённых в монстров.

Арка Ассоциация Монстров

Позже Нян рассказывает монстром-заключённым об их роли в предстоящей битве против героев. После этого он решил вздремнуть, пока заключённые отправились убить Гомо Гомо Зека.

Позже он вместе с остальными членами Кадрового Состава явились к ПГёро-Гёро.

Позже Нян ранит Гомо Гомо Зека, но тот регенерирует повреждения. Кот понимает что ему будет тяжело с ним сражаться из-за любящей натуры героя и решает отступить. Однако Зек пытается догнать его из-за Няну приходится перехитрить его заставляя его прыгнуть на монстров, тем-самым убивая их, и пока Гомо Гомо Зек горюет Нян пользуется моментом и сбегает.

Позже он становится свидетелем того как Сайтама побеждает Бродягу-переростка с одного удара. Нян пытается убить его, но безуспешно. Понимая что ему никак не победить Лысого Плаща он снова сбегает.

Нян перенаправляет пулю Ваншотера своим когтем

Later, Nyan is seen walking towards a large group of heroes outside the Monster Association. Пойзон notices him and orders Ваншотер to fire at the monster. The sniper shoots but Nyan intercepts the bullet with his immense speed and deflects it back at One Shotter, critically wounding his head. As the heroes stagger from shock at this new threat, Nyan voices his joy at finally finding a group of weak heroes. Walking to the center of the group, Nyan slashes at Нидл Стар, Мехаэспер, Реактивный Добряк and Двойные Хвостики. Nyan announces how he is a cadre of the Monster Association, to the shock of the heroes, and monologues his past and his surprise at Ваганма's escape.

Зелень and Черепаший Супербондаж restrain the monster and gives Мизуки the chance to discus throw at Nyan, only for Nyan to catch it and shatter the disc in his mouth. Poison tries to stab Nyan, but his blade is caught in Nyan's eyelid and shattered. Tired of their weak efforts, Nyan slips out of Green's vines using his super dexterity. Теневое Кольцо и Физер try to slash at the cadre but their blades are broken instantly before they notice they have been cut along with it. Nyan eyes a frightened Waganma as Питающийся Боец Футоши flees with him in his arms.[3]

Mizuki attempts to stall Nyan once more, but the creature strikes her into the air. Gearsper cushions her fall with his unleashed psychokinetic powers and prepares to fight the monster.[4] The hero uses his esper powers to destroy several nearby buildings and bury Nyan. However, the creature easily slips out of the rubble and attacks Food Battler Futoshi. He drags Futoshi and Waganma away to kill them, but his grip on them is suddenly cut off by a high-speed object. The object flies through the air and appears at the hands of Технорыцарь. Nyan inquires about the identity of the hero. Instead of responding, Технорыцарь goes right into battle and attacks Nyan.[5] While fast and versatile, the feline monster has trouble keeping up with Технорыцарь's own speed and versatility, as he continuously changes forms to outmaneuver Nyan at every opportunity. Once he gets a chance, Nyan slips between the cracks in Технорыцарь's body and begins attacking him from inside his mechanical body - however, Технорыцарь quickly expels him by flooding his system with fire. The burned Nyan quickly flees from inside his body, but Технорыцарь grabs him by the collar and stabs him before incinerating him again. Технорыцарь then brings the brutalized body of Nyan to show Секингал and the heroes that they have been saved.[6]

Sekingar praises Технорыцарь for his victory and is in awe of his power, although the hero admits that Nyan was indeed powerful, and he only won because of the data he collected during the monster's fight with the other heroes and Nyan's arrogance and overconfidence.[7] After Генос' arrival, Genos notes that the burned Nyan is still alive in Технорыцарь's grasp. Технорыцарь acknowledges this fact, explaining that he intends to dissect and study him in order to improve his own technology. Nyan hears this and groans, claiming he never would've helped the Monster Association if he knew that not only are there heroes who can defeat cadres in one punch, but that he would end up being dissected too. This tips off Genos that Saitama is in the Monster Association base already.[8]

Силы и Способности

As a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association, Nyan is very powerful. He was shown to be strong enough to subdue the prisoners and officers at the Smelly Lid Prison with no difficulties.[9]

His strength is further supported by the fact that he was the only other Dragon-level Mysterious Being in the Monster Association besides fellow Executive Гокецу to be tasked with recruiting new members during the initial monster raid. He attacks with his sharp claws and can easily injure S-class heroes such as Puri-Puri Prisoner. Despite his amazing abilities, he was unable to deal enough lasting damage to Технорыцарь, and his overconfidence inevitably led to his defeat.

Физические Способности

Невероятная Сила: As a Dragon-level threat, Nyan possesses immense strength. This was displayed when he was able to easily slash through Puri-Puri Prisoner's skin, which was stated to be so tough that even razor blades could not penetrate, using Feline Retribution.[10] Another instance of his strength is when he was able to catch and break Poison's knife with just his eyelid.[11] During his fight with Технорыцарь, the strength of his Feline Retribution was also strong enough to tear apart Технорыцарь's Bishop form and destroy several buildings, although he wasn't able to deal any lasting damage to the hero in his Gold form.

Эластичность: Nyan can pass through cracks wider than 3 millimeters.[12] This renders restraints used against him ineffective, as he was able to stretch and deform his body to escape.[13] Nyan also used this ability to enter Технорыцарь's body in an attempt to tear apart the hero from inside.[14]

Генерация Ударных Волн: Nyan's claw swipes can generate massive shockwaves powerful enough to easily cut several buildings to pieces.[15]

Невероятная Прочность: Nyan was unfazed by dozens of sharpened rocks thrown at him or being buried under such large rubble, and casually made his way through the cracks of the debris. He was also able to withstand some of Технорыцарь's punches without significant damage.

Невероятная Скорость и Рефлексы: Nyan possesses an extreme levels of movements speed and reflexes, being able to attack Puri-Puri Prisoner, an S-Class hero, slashing through his chest before the hero could even properly react.[16] He also effortlessly deflected one of One Shotter's bullets from close range with his claw, and even caught Poison's knife in his eyelid, while restrained. He was able to move so quickly that a group of heroes, including A-Class ones, could not even perceive his movements before they were slashed by his claws while he appeared to simply walk past them.[17] Additionally, Nyan was able to keep up with and dodge several attacks from Технорыцарь, a high-ranked S-Class hero, during their battle.

Gas Resistance: Nyan is able to resist the effects of gases such as anesthetic gas.[18]

Выдвижные Когти: Nyan can extend his claws to incredible lengths in order to slash and gash his adversaries and the environment to ribbons with great ferocity. He seemingly enlarges his claws to great lengths and sizes in order to cause widespread destruction while slipping between cracks and splits in the seams.[19]

  • Перенаправление Пуль: Nyan easily deflected One Shotter's sniper bullet simply by intercepting his shot with a single claw and sending it back at the hero.[20]

Боевой Стиль

Befitting his feline nature, Nyan attacks using his claws as his main weapon, and also moves around lithely in battle.

  • Кошачье Возмездие (猫罰, Nekobatsu): Nyan scratches the opponent, leaving deep cuts. This was first seen being used against Puri-Puri Prisoner.[21] During his battle with Технорыцарь, he sent out several razor-sharped wind pressure blasts from his claws that cut buildings apart.
  • Super Feline Retribution (激猫罰, Geki Nekobatsu): Nyan performs the Feline Retribution attack, but much faster and on a larger scale. This was first seen used against Saitama.[22]

Основные Сражения

Участники Глава(ы) Эпизод(ы) Исход
Нян против охранников и заключённых их тюрьмы погань под крышей (Не показано) 66 18 Победа
Нян против Гомо-гомо Зека 112 Нет Нян сбежал
Нян и Бродяга-переросток против Сайтамы 106 Нет Нян сбежал
Нян против Физера, Капитана Мизуки, Ваншотера, Зелени, Теневого Кольца, Мехаэспера, Реактивного Добряка, Черепашьего Супербондажа, Двойных Хвостиков и Нидл Стара 116, 117 Нет Победа
Нян против Технорыцаря 117, 118 Нет Проигрыш


  • "Puri-Puri Prisoner isn't here... That's fine. I was looking for you anyway."[23]
  • "These criminals are quite happy now that they're out of prison. Their personalities didn't change much after monsterization. But I do expect a lot from their performance in battle. Watching cellmates fight each other is going to be quite a spectacle. Very well. Go crazy."[24]
  • "Hey, I'll let you in on a little secret... Once you go monster, you can never go back."[25]
  • "Ah... what a surprise. It's actually a bunch of weak heroes this time. Come play with me, help me release some pressure."[26]
  • "This is great. The theme of the game's been decided, I'll tear that child apart in front of you all."[27]
  • "S-Class heroes, what a bunch of weirdos."[28]

Интересные Факты

  • Nyan's supernatural dexterity is a reference to a cat's ability to pass through narrow openings, although in this case, it is significantly amplified.
  • Nyan is the first mysterious being to have turned into one from being a pet animal. All natural mysterious beings resembling animals before Nyan always originated from bugs like cicadas and centipedes and then gained human-level intelligence, while the House of Evolution was only composed of genetically modified humans and wild animals.
  • Nyan is the only known monster and furthermore executive to have quit the Monster Association.
  • Nyan's design changed slightly over the course of the manga. In his first appearance, he had a larger muzzle and a more elongated head,[29] but over time [30] his head became wider and his muzzle more narrow.[31][32]
  • Nyan is the only one of the manga-exclusive cadres that are still alive (albeit in a severely weakened state) as of the current arc.


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