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 Группировка Метель (フブキ組 Fubuki-gumi) — организация, состоящая из героев класса B, под предводительством Фубуки. Является крупнейшей группой в Ассоциации героев и имеет значительное влияние среди героев класса B.[1]


Группировка Метель полагается на свою численность, чтобы побеждать злодеев в битвах, и распределяет полученные награды и заслуги между своими членами. Они постоянно занимаются небольшими героическими работами, для того чтобы сохранить свои ранги.

Их главная цель сейчас - завербовать Сайтаму в группировку любой ценой, чтобы усилить её ещё больше, поскольку теперь группировка полностью осознаёт истинную силу Сайтамы. Несмотря на сложившуюся ситуацию, они признают его официальным членом группы без его ведома. Сейчас группировка работает под командованием группы Сайтамы после поражения им в соревновании.


Униформа членов группировки Метель состоит из чёрных деловых костюмов с белыми рубашками с воротником под ними, классических туфель с белыми носками и подходящих галстуков, независимо от пола. Оружие - это вопрос выбора между членами, но в основном оно состоит из дубинок, нунчаку, рукавиц или другого оружия ближнего боя.


Сага Человек-монстр

Арка Группировка Метель

Fubuki and her subordinates Eyelashes and Mountain Ape enter the ghost town era in Z-City in an attempt to recruit Saitama.[2] They introduce themselves to Saitama, but he was unimpressed by their offer. Fubuki orders Eyelashes and Mountain Ape to attack him, but were sent flying with one punch.[3] Fubuki proceeds to showcase her powers and attacks Saitama with a psychic barrage, but Saitama is not impressed by her ability. Saitama withstood all of her attacks and even patronizes her about being a hero. She asserts her will and continued to attack, this time with a box cutter, but was caught up by the impact of Genos' attack on Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Saitama quickly got between Fubuki and Genos' attack, which injured her slightly.[4]

Арка Рейд Монстров

The Blizzard Group arrives just in time to rescue Dynamite Man from the heroes mind-controlled by Do-S. They then proceed to confront Do-S and as she is about to land the first strike on the group with her whip, Fubuki catches it mid-attack with her psychic powers.[5] Despite the combined efforts of the Blizzard Group, every member, excluding Fubuki, succumbed to Do-S's mind control, as their strength in large numbers ultimately proved to be their downfall in the battle. Now on the downside of the fight, Fubuki uses her telekinesis as well as a series of dodges to keep her now mind-controlled allies at bay. During a combined assault by the mind-controlled heroes, Fubuki, who couldn’t bear to do harm to her subordinates, sends a strong wave of psychokinesis to stop them in mid-air. While she struggled to try to hold off her subordinates, Do-S's finally manages to land a hit on Fubuki with her whip after multiple attempts. [6]

Fubuki was then whipped multiple times and was thought to have finally succumbed to Do-S's mind-control. Under the assumption that Fubuki was under her control, Do-S expressed her thoughts vocally thus revealing her plan to use Fubuki to lure out Tatsumaki. The mention of her "little" sister and her plan to use her as bait angers Fubuki and subsequently she again channels her powers to attack Do-S, using her signature Hell Storm technique to initiate her comeback, which slightly injures Do-S. As it turns out Fubuki did not succumb to the monster's mind control, contradictory to her initial assumptions. Angered by the Fubuki's resistance, Do-S changes her mind and decides to kill Fubuki instead of using her to lure Tatsumaki out. Fubuki then comments to the monster that her "older" sister would come anyway.[7] Following an explosion in the backdrop of the fight, Tatsumaki arrives at the scene, and she, against Fubuki’s will, immobilized all the hostile heroes with ease - however, giving Do-S a window to flee the scene in the process. Fubuki is then sent home and Tatsumaki flies off in search of more prey.[8]

Арка Ассоциация Монстров

Обездвиженные Тацумакой все члены группировки Метель были впечатаны в стену и попали в больницу с серьёзными травмами, что привело к бессрочному перерыву в работе группы. Вспоминая текущую ситуацию своей группы и помня о смущении, вызванном её сражением с Садо-мазо Плётки, Фубуки имеет личную неприязнь к Ассоциации Монстров и полна решимости отомстить им, с силой тех, кого она считает своей "Новой группировкой Метель", в которую входят Сайтама, Генос, Кинг, Бэнг и Бомб.

Появления в Других Медиа


Отдельный Рассказ

The Blizzard Group first appears hunting down Banero, a C-Class serial arsonist. Despite being surrounded and outnumbered, Banero resists arrest, but is defeated and beaten unconscious. However, the Blizzard Group encounters greater resistance against Demonic Fan, a Mysterious Being. Even after the arrival of their leader, Fubuki, the entire group suffers humiliating defeat and is saved only by the arrival of Fubuki's sister, Tatsumaki.

Tatsumaki effortlessly destroys the Mysterious Being and belittled Glasses, a new member of the Blizzard group and the focus of the side-story - for being weak and leaves, taking Fubuki with her. Saitama soon arrives at the scene, and as the Demonic Fan begins to reassemble itself, Glasses implores him to flee - only to watch him put down the Demon-level Being with a single punch.[9]

Проблемы Группировки Метель

The Blizzard Group is in need of a new car. Fubuki suggests that there are plenty of flyers available and if group works together, they should be able to earn 5 million to buy a new car. The Blizzard Group dedicates themselves in part-time jobs for a week. They work tirelessly, but only manage to earn 3.5 million. Luckily, Fubuki earned 2 million by herself, thus fulfilling their goal.

The rest of the Blizzard Group are all very confused about how she was able to earn so much. Fubuki stated she "put her body on the line". This led the group to misinterpret Fubuki's statement until she revealed the bounty flyers she completed. The group manages to buy a new car. Simultaneously, they receive a call of a monster on the loose. They charge forth with their new car but end up stuck in traffic. In the end, Saitama kills the monster instead.[1]


With the exception of Fubuki, the rest of the Blizzard Group was unable to understand why their leader was so patient with Saitama, who was playing a video game while listening to Fubuki's offer for him to join the Blizzard Group. As one of her men suggested in attacking Saitama, Fubuki brushes off the idea mentioning just how strong Saitama is; thus Fubuki challenges Saitama, and his "group," into a competition where the losing team has to obey the commands and wishes of the winners. It was then later the Blizzard Group had gained a gist of how strong Saitama is after seeing the “Saitama Group,” which included both King, Silver Fang, as well as Genos, much to their bewilderment. However, this was all in Fubuki’s expectations, where she refrained from mentioning what kind of team battle would take place until Saitama signs a contract, which he imprudently signs without reading it. Knowing that her team would be unable to defeat Saitama’s team in a competition of brute force, Fubuki was able to trick Saitama’s team into a video game competition - believing that they were not proficient in video games considering their nature. As Bang, Genos, and lastly Saitama were defeated, Fubuki then began to gloat in how she would have Saitama, along with three S-Class heroes, join the Blizzard Group. However, Fubuki miscalculated as she was unaware of how good King was at video games as he managed to single-handedly defeat her thirty gamers with ease. Thus, the Blizzard Group was forced to obey Saitama’s team as they lost the bet.[10]


Дела сестринские

During the Deep Sea King's invasion on land, the Blizzard Group fought one of the Seafolk. Lily tried to attack it, but the monster used Acid Ball, but was saved by Fubuki. Fubuki then uses Hell Storm to defeat the monster and to spread the name of her group, but was disheartened to find out the group was not featured anywhere in the headlines.[11]

Силы и Способности

Группировка Метель состоит из героев B-класса разных рангов и она довольно сильна.

Предупреждение.png Следующая секция содержит спойлеры к оригинальному вебкомиксу. Разверните, чтобы увидеть контент, содержащий спойлеры.

Психокинетик: Доподлинно неизвестно, действительно ли они владеет психокинезом, однако, есть подтверждение тому, что Фубуки членов Группировки Метель одной психокинетической технике:

  • Психические Оковы (念動金縛り, Nen-dō Kanashibari): Умение призванное сдерживать силы другого эспера. Впервые, впервые членны группировки использовала его на Тацумаки, но они с треском провалились.[12]

Члены Группировки

Имя Позиция Статус
Фубуки Лидер Активна
Реснички Член Активен
Горная Обезьяна Член Активен
Пико Член Активен
Лили Трёхсекционный Цеп Член Активна
Очкарик Бывший член Покинул группу
Нидл Стар Бывший член Исключён
Следующая секция содержит спойлеры к вебкомиксу.
Псайкос Бывший помощник лидера Покинула группу

Интересные Факты

  • Группировка Метель usually holds an annual Christmas party at their headquarters. They also sell tickets to the public, so they can join them too.[13]


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