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Нео-герои (ネオヒーローズ, Neohīrōzu) - это новая организация героев, основанная Блю для замены доминирующей Ассоциации Героев. Блю создал Нео-героев для того, чтобы показать миру, кто такие истинные герои, поскольку он считает Ассоциацию Героев коррумпированной и корыстной.[1]


Unlike the Ассоциации Героев, Нео-героиrecruits members through a special headhunting system rather than through a physical и written test. There are more than 2000 candidates in the Neo Heroes, which is larger than the 546 pro heroes of the Ассоциации Героев. Furthermore, the organization seems to know the shortcomings of the current Ассоциации Героев in terms of corruption, unfair treatment of its heroes, as well as collateral damage often caused (by those such as S-Class heroes, especially Тацумаки). They keep these criticisms in mind и apply them to their own organization.

Нео-героиhave recruited a handful of S-Class heroes to join their organization, including Стальная Бита, Ребёнок-император, и Сверхлитой Темноблеск. According to the Neo Heroes' recruiter, they promise to treat heroes much fairer than the current Ассоциации Героев. Нео-героиoffer multiple benefits which entice many heroes to join their organization, such as clothing, food, increased income, accommodations, и an abundance of equipment for new or lower-ranking heroes. Unlike the Ассоциации Героев, Нео-героиare more focused on the safety of the heroes, и they do not force any of their heroes to complete quotas. They do, however, require their heroes to have "normative awareness," yet took no issue with Райден attacking Сверхлитой Темноблеск despite the latter's clear discomfort with engaging in combat. They also took no issue with two top-position candidates attacking other heroes to prove a point. This shows that the bullying culture between strong и weak heroes still remains.

Due to the counterproductive и anti-meritocratic nature of the ranking system of the Ассоциации Героев, Нео-герои eschews the ranking system и creates a culture where strong и weak heroes can work grow together, which is based on win-win solution.

However, their headhunting system is as biased as the conventional test in the Ассоциации Героев, since they mostly focus on higher-class heroes such as the S-Class, which indicates why they didn't try to recruit Сайтама. However, this attitude has recently changed, as multiple A-class heroes have been invited to association, such as Форте, Бабочка DX, и Цепная Жаба.

Unlike the Ассоциации Героев, who doesn't care about changes in its protocols и improving reactions и battle strategies to Dragon-level mysterious beings и above, Нео-героиare more willing to listen to criticism и changes, which is the reason why Ребёнок-император joined the Neo Heroes.


In order to combat monsters more effectively with less risks, as well as promoting a culture of fairness between heroes, unlike the Ассоциации Героев's focus on individual heroism и lack of teamwork, most Нео-герои work together in teams. Each team has a designated Neo Leader, someone comparable to an S-Class hero, who helps their teammates to grow in strength together и get the job done.

Нео-героиhave developed an advanced A.I. system which analyzes the situation и picks the most suitable talents to deal with the threat. This normally consist of teams of three or four. Furthermore, they also have several armored transport vehicles и light aircraft available at each city to transport the heroes.

To prevent collateral damages caused by powerful individuals such as Tatsumaki, as well as avoiding the public negligence problem of the Ассоциации Героев, Нео-героиhave established several powerful security operatives to keep certain heroes from crossing the line.


Сага Нео-герои

Арка Знакомство с Нео-Героями

Генос details to Saitama the existence of the Neo Heroes, appearing to show interest in seeing if he can grow stronger from joining their ranks и even having received an invitation already. However, when Saitama shows his lack of interest out of apathy, Genos decides not to join them either.

Сверхлитой Темноблеск, Ребёнок-император, и Стальная Бита all quit the Ассоциации Героев и join the Neo Heroes. Darkshine joins not as a Hero, but as a trainer и sparring partner instead. МакКой is revealed to have joined Нео-героиas well.

Арка Идеальный Герой

The day after Милая Маска reveals his monster form to the world, Суирью is revealed to have joined Нео-героиas a top member.



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