Армия В Майке (タンクトッパー軍団, Tank Topper Army) - это группа состоящих из Героев в Майках под руководством Мастера В Майке.


Every member of the Армия в Майке wears a tank top. The designs of each member's tank top vary.


Every member of the Армия в Майке takes great pride in their tank tops and associates them with a symbol of strength and pride. Many of the members are shown to be extremely rude and arrogant towards everyone but their leader, although Мастер в Майке does not approve of this behavior.[1] All of the members of this army worship the words of Мастер в Майке, and believe that the path to true strength is through tanktops: ironically, Мастер в Майке believes this more than anyone, as seen when he observes Bang dominating Metal Bat in their sparring match, he concludes that the secret to Bang's power is that he has a tank top hidden underneath.[2]


Сага Ассоциация Героев

Арка Монстр из Слухов

Тигр в Майке was asked by a civilian about a suspicious person, the person being Сайтама. Тигр в Майке immediately yells out his names introducing himself to Сайтама and disregard him of being a new hero. Тигр в Майке taunts Сайтама to look better, but was cut off by Сверхзвуковой Соник, who threw exploding shurikens at him, leaving him unconscious.[3]

Арка Гигантский Метеорит

After the meteor was destroyed by Сайтама and heavily damaging Город Z in the process, Тигр в Майкеconfronts Сайтама with his older brother Чёрная Дыра в Майке. The pair accuse Сайтама for taking credit of S-Class heroes to jump ranks. Чёрная Дыра в Майке uses his loud voice to gather a mob around them, chanting for Сайтама to quit being a hero. As the mob is chanting against Сайтама, Чёрная Дыра в Майке deceives the civilians into thinking Сайтама tries to attack them. The brothers challenge Сайтама to "protect" the civilians as part of a publicity stunt, but were easily defeated with Чёрная Дыра в Майке apologizing profusely. [4]

Арка Инопланетное Вторжение

Мастер в Майке attends the S-Class hero meeting, there he recognizes Сайтама's name, but is unable to recall where he had heard it.[5] During вторжения Воров Тёмной Материи on Город A, Мастер в Майке attempted to assist Тацумаки, but failed after realizing he was no match for her psychic powers.[6]

Сага Человек-монстр

Арка Охота на Героев

Вегетарианец в Майке happened to encounter Гароу, who began his hero hunt and was easily defeated by him.[7] After being released from the hospital, Tanktop Vegetarian, alongside the entire Армия в Майке, track down Гароу who was about to fight Безлицензионный Ездок, but was struck immediately. As Гароу declared to kill every member, Мастер в Майке punched him and used Tanktop Tackle, but to his surprise Гароу was able to stand.[8] Мастер в Майке and Гароу fight briefly, with Мастер в Майке having the upper hand. As he was about to finish the fight, Безлицензионный Ездок steps in, stopping the fight, believing Гароу had already taken enough beating, to which he agrees. However Гароу chose not to stop and used Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and easily defeated all the members, Безлицензионный Ездок and Чаранко.[9]

Арка Рейд Монстров

Monsters attack the hospital Мастер в Майке and Безлицензионный Ездок are staying at. Мастер в Майке uses Tanktop Tackle against the monster, causing it to fly through the hospital wall and down onto the pavement below.[10]

Арка Ассоциация Монстров

Мастер в Майке leaves the hospital with Безлицензионный Ездок in order to assist the civilians that are waiting for aid in the Z-City area.[11] The rest of the Tanktop Army are inspired by their leaders' actions and follow in his steps by going towards Z-City to further help with the situation.[12]

Предупреждение Следующая секция содержит спойлеры к оригинальному вебкомиксу. Разверните, чтобы увидеть контент, содержащий спойлеры.

Сюжетные Арки#Сага Нео-герои

Арка Сёстры-эсперы

After the incident с Ассоциацией Монстров, many of its members quit, including героя класса A, Вегетарианец в Майке.

Силы и Способности

While the depths of most of their power hasn't been seen, many of the members of the Армия в Майке are in the Hero Association, with some of them holding decent spots in the rankings. When working together, the Армия в Майке can defeat a demon-level monster, although it's unclear as to how much Мастер в Майке assisted the others in the battle.[13] Unfortunately, they were all utterly decimated by Гароу, including Мастер в Майке.[14]

Появления в Других Медиа


Большая Стройка

The tank toppers are seen training after the battle with the Ворами Тёмной Материи when a mysterious robot appears outside the Ассоциация Героев headquarters and the tank toppers are asked to defeat it. The giant vehicle launches several drones and only Мастер в Майке is able to defeat one. It is soon revealed that the vehicle and drones belong to Metal Knight who later cleans up the city and builds a new Hero Association headquarters in just a week.


Имя Позиция Статус
Мастер в МайкеЛидерАктивен
Альденте в МайкеЧленАктивен
Чёрная Дыра в МайкеЧленАктивен
Учёный в МайкеЧленАктивен
Девушка в МайкеЧленАктивен
Шляпник в МайкеЧленАктивен
Джунгли в МайкеЧленАктивен
Маска в МайкеЧленАктивен
Рокабилли в МайкеЧленАктивен
Гонщик в МайкеЧленАктивен
Пловец в МайкеЧленАктивен
Тигр в МайкеЧленАктивен
Вегетарианец в МайкеЧленАктивен

Интересные Факты

  • A running gag for the Tank Top Army is that they are always beaten or humiliated.
    • Tank Top Tiger gets hit by Sonic's Exploding Shuriken.
    • Tank Top Tiger gets punched by Saitama during the Meteor Arc and Tank Top Black Hole has his hand crushed by Saitama begging for mercy.
    • Tank Top Master felt weak when Tatsumaki was able to pick up thousands of rubble pieces right after Tank Top Master threw one himself. He felt the same way again after Metal Knight came back to rebuild A-City.
    • Tank Top Vegetarian got pummeled by Garou, and then punched in the face again by Garou.
    • Tanktop Master was defeated and hospitalized after Garou adapted to his movements and began using his Water Streaming Rock Smashing Fist.
    • Then Garou used Water Streaming Rock Smashing Fist to beat up the remaining members of the Tank Top Army.
    • Despite being beaten up and humiliated they're still one of the strongest factions of the Hero Association.


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