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Арка Ассоциация Монстров - это пятнадцатая арка в произведении One Punch Man и шестая арка в Саге Человек-монстр.


Объявление Войны: Сбор Монстров

Дуэт ниндзя Штормовой Ветер Хаяте и Штормовой Ветер Хаяте предлагают Сверхзвуковому Сонику клетку монстра и приглашают ему присоединиться к ним для того, чтобы убить Светового Флэша. Соник принимает их предложения и берёт клетку монстра, решившись отречься от своей попытки для того, чтобы убить Сайтаму.

В Ассоциации Героев, the staff discusses the sudden monster attack и their quick disappearance. Кролик, Отбивной Молоток, и Сталесетка are sent to defeat Маршал Горилла, но Зомбимен offers to go instead. Зомбимен наблюдает за Маршалом Гориллой и notices somebody approaching him. Маршал Горилла meets Бронированная Горилла и was shocked to figure out that Бронированная Горилла "sided" with the люди. Маршал Горилла attacks him with his knife, only for it to break on Бронированная Горилла, who proceeds to defeat him in one blow. Watching this altercation, Зомбимен решает сменить цель и следует за Бронированной Гориллой.

Бэнг и Бомб обсуждают Гароу. Бэнг заявляет, что если Гароу будет убит героем, то этим героем должен быть он сам. Соник жарит и съедает клетку монстров из-за чего получает диарею.

At the Ассоциация Героев HQ, a staff member bursts into the conference room with a message from the Ассоциация Монстров. It is revealed that the staff member is the host of a parasitic monster. Гёро-гёро asks the executives through the staff member not to attack their living area и wishes to have a co-existing society between monsters и humans. However, this is all just a ploy as Разрушихлоридиум убивает одного из руководителей. Гёро-гёро proceeds to reveal their real intent which is a war between the groups with their very best. Сверхлитой Темноблеск вовремя прибывает и легко убивает Разрушихлоридиум.

В это время, в логове Ассоциации Монстров, монстры обсуждают их план. Пробудившегося Таракана съедает Орочи в качестве наказания за его проигыш Геносу и to assert his authority. Садо-мазо Плётка was also at risk of being killed но is spared for her abilities.

Гароу wakes up after being knocked out by Сайтама и встречает Пулемёт Смерти, но решает to call it a day и goes to get some rest. Тем временем, Кинг dominates Сайтама in a fighting game. Гёро-гёро обнаруживает тело убитого Гокецу и believes that the fight will be harder than originally thought.

Генос is fully repaired by Доктор Кусено, who spent the whole night fixing him. Генос thanks him for his efforts и states he will never lose again, to which Доктор Кусено tells Генос to be careful и not do anything reckless. Ассоциация Монстров leaks the information to the public media about the captured hostage и the announced war between them и the Ассоциация Героев, из-за чего в обществе начинает распространяться страх. Стальной Рыцарь обсуждает с Ребёнком-императором about a proposed plan to destroy the Ассоциация Монстров hideout by killing all the monsters, including the hostage, но as the idea was rejected by the Ассоциация Героев, Стальной Рыцарь refused to join the mission, much to Ребёнок-император's annoyance. As the news spread, many monsters decide to join the Ассоциация Монстров и head towards their hideout, only to be killed by Сайтама, who was late for the garbage truck.

Контратака Героев: Гароу's Last Stand

Тарео и his friends are discussing how someone has been using their secret hut in a park. When they arrive, Тарео is bullied into entering the hut to tell the person to leave. As Тарео enters the hut, much to his surprise, he encounters Гароу. Outside, Пулемёт Смерти сформировал команду героев A и B класса to ambush Гароу и asks the children to leave. Гароу then senses killing intent и concludes he is surrounded и asks Тарео for the каталог Ассоциации Героев to identify the heroes outside his shack.

After identifying all of the heroes, Гароу exits the shack. Ган Ган quickly opens fire on Гароу, но Гароу easily dodges и attempts to counterattack. However, he is forced to dodge again из-за атаки Стингера. После атаки Стингера сразу же следует Arrow Rain from Стрелок, which Гароу also manages to dodge. Цепная Жаба begins the next wave of attacks as Смайлик attacks from above и Дикий Рог attacks from behind. Гароу замечает Очкарика lack of action но is then hit by Цепная Жаба's weapon и attacked by Смайлик again. Цепная Жаба uses his Ear Cutter technique но fails to injure Гароу. Смайлик и Цепная Жаба proceed to continuously barrage Гароу before the Human Monster has any time to recover. Arrow Rain comes down as Смайлик, Цепная Жаба, и Ган Ган attack all at once. Despite twisting in the air, Гароу is hit by two of the arrows. Очкарик resupplies Стрелок before Гароу tries to go after the hero. Очкарик manages to dodge Гароу's initial attack и lands a hit on Гароу as the Охотник на Героев is distracted by the heroes behind him. Afterward, Пулемёт Смерти gives Гароу one last chance to surrender.

As Гароу continues to be attacked by the heroes, he thinks back to a time when the cartoon hero, Джастисмен, fought a crab demon и beat the monster with the help of other heroes. Цепная Жаба wraps his chain around Гароу's ankle to restrict his movement as Смайлик launches another attack, но Гароу redirects the ball to take out Цепная Жаба. Afterward, he severs the ball from Смайлик's hilt и launches the ball towards Ган Ган, knocking him out. Дикий Рог attempts to bring the situation back under control, но just becomes a meat shield for Гароу. Очкарик и Стингер run to help, но Гароу simply uses Очкарик' attacks to knock out Стрелок. Гароу then runs straight toward Стингер as a diversion as he uses roots to disorient the heroes и knock out Смайлик. Пулемёт Смерти tries opening fire on Гароу, но Гароу eventually uses Очкарик as a meat shield. Стингер tries to help Очкарик, но he и Очкарик are quickly taken out by Гароу. Пулемёт Смерти takes the opportunity to finish off Гароу и unleashes a barrage of bullets, но to his surprise, Гароу deflects all of the bullets и knocks him out. Unfortunately, before Гароу could rest, Генос arrives because of a support request signal sent by Очкарик. Гароу и Генос begin trading blows. Гароу is unable to find an opportunity to counterattack Генос in his current state и resorts to using боевой стиль Сторожевого Пса to confuse Генос.

В это время, Кинг и Сайтама continue to play video games. Кинг receives an alert from the Emergency Transmitter. Сайтама then leaves, concerned about Генос.

Гароу удаётся отсоединить руку Геноса, но Генос demonstrates the ability to remotely control his arms и launches Гароу towards a tree. Генос then wraps Гароу in place и proceeds to use his Incineration Cannons. However, Гароу manages to split the tree и fall. Ассоциация Монстров appears to support the Охотник на Героев и invites Гароу to join their ranks once again, но Гароу declines their offer once again.

Before Генос could use his Incineration Cannons on Гароу again, Бэнг пинает Гароу. Бэнг confronts Гароу, while Бомб deals with the Ассоциация Монстров monsters. The former master и student take their respective stances before finally initiating their fight. As Гароу is pummeled rapidly by Бэнг, Гароу tries to counter-attack against his former teacher но his efforts are in vain due to his weakened state и their difference in Кулак Горного Потока, Дробящий Камни mastery. Knowing that he cannot win, he attempts to escape и uses Пулемёт Смерти's unconscious body as a meat shield to cover his escape. However, Бомб intercepts him и kicks him in the face toward the group of remaining monsters, causing the monsters to be shredded by Бомб's razor-sharp Кулак Вихря, Рассекающий Железо.

Bang и Бомб then combine their martial arts against Гароу. In a state of great pain, Гароу remembers his miserable past as a misunderstood child being bullied. In his anger и despair, he commences a counterattack by destroying the ground и grabbing a huge tree during the confusion. Гароу swings the tree at Бэнг и Бомб, forcing them to back off. Человек-феникс suddenly appears и rescues Гароу while calling for Многоножка Старейшина to cover their escape. While Человек-феникс escorts Гароу to the Ассоциация Монстров HQ, Многоножка Старейшина must fend off the three heroes. Despite their combined strength и even accomplishing significant damage towards Многоножка Старейшина, Бэнг, Бомб, и Генос were unable to defeat the monster и are forced to retreat. Бэнг tries to sacrifice himself и unleash his full power to buy Бомб time to escape with Генос и the unconscious heroes. К счастью, Кинг прибывает на поле боя и catches Многоножка Старейшина's attention by tricking him into believing that he brought Бласт with him, making the monster charge toward him. Многоножка Старейшина meets his demise when an unnoticed Сайтама, who was behind Кинг, threw a Серьёзный Удар that disintegrated his entire body from head to tail.

An Unlucky Encounter: The Dine и Dasher Incident

The Ассоциация Героев staff discuss recent events. Ситч declares that Гароу should be recognized as a Dragon level threat. Some of the staff suggest that Бласт should be called, но Stitch explains that the hero acts on his own. Наринки announces his frustration at the Ассоциация Героев staff, но Секингал assures the donator that they will save his son. Секингал later meets with Сверхлитой Темноблеск, Свинобог, Тацумаки, и Технорыцарь about preparations, while Ребёнок-император works to find the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. Несколько героев S класса и Милая Маска arrive back at the Ассоциация Героев HQ after their investigations. Ребёнок-император pleads for Бофой's participation in the assault against the Ассоциация Монстров, но Бофой declines once again.

Фубуки attempts to rally Сайтама и his acquaintances to take the situation more seriously. However, everyone has an excuse to not accompany Фубуки. Сайтама leaves to find Гароу. Наринки orders Личный Отряд Наринки to rescue his son from the Ассоциация Монстров.

Гароу wakes up to find himself inside the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. Личный Отряд Наринки was captured just beforehand by G5 и are left to be judged by Гёро-гёро. Садо-мазо Плётка then proceeds to make them her love slaves. Afterward, Гароу is requested by Орочи to bring back the head of any hero to prove that he is a mysterious being within one day. Гёро-гёро commands Жучий Бог и Королевский Потрошитель to monitor Гароу as the Охотник на Героев completes this endeavor.

A new group agrees with the monster outbreak и attempts to capture a citizen for disagreeing with their ideology, но have the misfortune of bumping into Гароу, who knocks them out with a flick before heading to a nearby restaurant. Сайтама is having lunch at the same restaurant но is not able to pay because he lost his wallet. Coincidentally, Фубуки arrives и begins talking about the Охотник на Героев while also once again trying to get him into her hero faction. Сайтама misleads Фубуки into eating the fries as Гароу dashes out и everyone screams dine и dasher. Сайтама then takes the opportunity to go out to "catch" the dine и dasher и push the bill onto Фубуки.

Некоторое время спустя, Гароу прогоняет детей, которые задирали Тарео. Сайтама догоняет Гароу и выдаёт ему предупреждение за побег. Это раздражает Гароу и тот решает атаковать Сайтаму. Но тот ударяет и вырубает его.

Later, Гароу wakes up и asks Тарео who the hero was. Immediately after, Жучий Бог и Королевский Потрошитель confront Гароу. Королевский Потрошитель approaches Тарео, to which Гароу tells him to back off. Гароу assumes a stance in front of Тарео as Жучий Бог и Королевский Потрошитель approach the pair. Королевский Потрошитель reveals that Гёро-гёро had sent him и Жучий Бог to follow и monitor Гароу. After observing his behavior, they now have doubts about Гароу’s intent, questioning whether if he is a true monster or not. Гароу then proceeds to provoke Королевский Потрошитель to little use, as the latter then demands the former to kill Тарео. Гароу then tells Тарео to go home, но Тарео is unable to do so because of fear. Due to this, Тарео is berated by Гароу, who then forces the Ассоциация Героев Catalog out of his hand, saying that the boy needs to get stronger during times like these. While doing so, Королевский Потрошитель attacks Тарео. The attack is quickly stopped by Гароу, who hoists Королевский Потрошитель up in the air by his blades и swiftly delivers a kick to his opponent’s abdomen. Королевский Потрошитель then flies into the air as a result но is quick to get back on his feet by thrusting his blades onto the ground и performing a somersault with the two blades acting as anchoring points. The move severely disfigured his arms, но Королевский Потрошитель restores his limbs to their original state by twisting them back. Гароу then yells at Тарео, telling him to run. The boy complies и dashes away. As he is doing so, Королевский Потрошитель announces Гароу to be an enemy и Гароу then assumes a stance as the two monsters charge at him.

At the Ассоциация Монстров HQ, Гёро-гёро is seen meditating on a bean bag while Человек-феникс enters the room. Человек-феникс then asks Гёро-гёро for an explanation for sending two aggressive monsters to observe Гароу, to which Гёро-гёро replies that the two might be able to mentor Гароу on killing heroes. Человек-феникс states that the two are too unruly to follow orders и will murder Гароу if given the chance. He says that this is especially the case with Королевский Потрошитель, whom even fellow monsters avoid contact with. As a counter-argument, Гёро-гёро states that Гароу needs to be physically и mentally pushed to the limit to develop и proceeds to explain to Человек-феникс where Орочи came from. Гёро-гёро reveals that Орочи was a simple human being, и that he is responsible for the creation of the Король Монстров и that Орочи only became as such through countless failures и sacrifices on Гёро-гёро's part. Гёро-гёро then goes on to say that Гароу could become the next Орочи if given the same treatment.

Atop a roof, Зомбимен is observing a takoyaki shop, suspecting it to be a new front for the Палата Эволюции. Upon entering the shop, he encounters Бронированная Горилла, who assumes Зомбимен to be a customer. The hero introduces himself но is surprised by Бронированная Горилла after he reveals that the House of Evolution has ceased to exist. Зомбимен then meets up with Доктор Генус, who then goes on to mention the fact he fondly remembers Зомбимен as the successful immortal specimen that escaped и destroyed his facility. Зомбимен then threatens Доктор Генус with a large ax и asks him why the House of Evolution was destroyed, stating that the facility could always be rebuilt as long as Генус is alive. The scientist responds by giving an account of his encounter with Сайтама who, according to Генус, had removed his Лимитёр и possesses greater power than anything artificial. He then expands on the concept of the limiter, explaining that every single being has a limit on how much they can develop because too much power can potentially create mindless rampaging monsters. As such, Бог created the limiter to restrict everyone’s abilities, thus ensuring their survival и mental integrity. Зомбимен then raises the question of whether the person, who removed his limiter, did so without any cost. Генус states that the individual paid for his immense power by losing his hair и having to bear the overwhelming sense of detachment from society. Зомбимен responds by saying that those who possess immense powers without becoming a monster are called heroes. Генус then explains that humans become monsters due to internal factors (bad habits, mental abnormalities, or frustration), as well as external (pollutants or chemicals) and, as such are different from those who removed their limiter. Monsters such as the Морской Народ appearing in Город J or the Воры Тёмной Материи are simply sentient beings that are hostile to humans. As for heroes, Генус states that they already possess potential at birth и managed to develop that potential through extensive efforts. Others could achieve great powers through artificial means such as mechanization, experimentation, or were born with great powers. However, Сайтама is an exception, because he is an ordinary person with no unique potential whatsoever, но managed to remove the barrier for growth simply through sheer force of will и effort. It is for this reason that Генус relinquished his ambitions, saying that they are now laughable.

As Королевский Потрошитель и Жучий Бог charge, Гароу delivers a punch towards Жучий Бог’s torso. Unfortunately, this injures his hand. Королевский Потрошитель then performs a chain of frenzied slashes aimed at Гароу, но they are all dodged or reflected. As Гароу is busy with Королевский Потрошитель’s chain of attacks, Жучий Бог approaches him from behind но is Бомбarded with a flurry of deflected slashes from Королевский Потрошитель. The monster is undeterred by this as he quickly pounds Гароу into the ground и then flings him onto electric cables, which briefly electrocute Гароу. Гароу immediately rebounds himself towards the two monsters as they leap towards him. The three eventually enter a stalemate, with Гароу now confident in his abilities to defeat his opponents, while the pair of monsters declare to go all out. Гароу is not discouraged by this, even going on to say that he has seen everything they have to offer и will not be hit by them again. It then transpires that Тарео was captured by Илистая Медуза. While Гароу is distracted, Королевский Потрошитель и Жучий Бог brutalize him, leaving Гароу in a pool of blood. Жучий Бог quickly puts a stop to the assault, explaining that Гароу should be left alive. Королевский Потрошитель ceases attacking но declares that it might be too late for Гароу. He then invites Тарео back home with an eerie grin, saying that they will be great friends.

Финальная Подготовка: Prelude to Invasion

В Квартире Сайтамы, Генос, Кинг, Бэнг, и Бомб are anxiously waiting for Сайтама to return. When Сайтама turns up looking disheveled, they presume that he fought with Гароу. Сайтама denies it, unaware that he had indeed met Гароу и defeated him for the third time. Фубуки also arrives, while Генос detects something approaching fast и sends Кинг to deal with it. The 'monster' is revealed to be Доктор Кусено, who came in a mechanical suit to check on Генос. Доктор Кусено introduces himself to Сайтама и gifts him high-quality meat for hot pot. Сайтама instructs Генос to prepare the hot pot before realizing that he would have to share it with the other visitors.

Meanwhile, in the Ассоциация Монстров, Королевский Потрошитель и Жучий Бог try to explain Гароу's 'death' to Гёро-гёро by blaming Гароу и then Гёро-гёро. Гёро-гёро sees through their antics, но spares them from punishment и tells them to take things seriously as the Ассоциация Героев could attack in a few hours. Гёро-гёро had captured Ребёнок-император's scouting robot "Dig Here Woof Woof No. 3".

Многие члены Ассоциации Монстров показаны preparing, socializing, or otherwise loitering around as they wait for the battle ahead. Тарео, as a prisoner, is put into the same cell as the hostage Ваганма. Ваганма is confident that his rich status means that the heroes will save him и snobbishly attempts to make Тарео his subordinate. Meanwhile, Гароу awakens in the spot where he was abandoned и begins to move off.

Back at the Ассоциация Героев HQ, Ребёнок-император и Секингал go through the roster of heroes. Ребёнок-император becomes paranoid и exerts his influence to remove Demon Cyborg и Silver Fang from the rescue mission. Ситч, despite his protests, is instructed not to inform the two.

В квартире Сайтамы, the group of seven is about to eat the steaming hot pot. They rush in with their chopsticks at once, throwing up food into the air. Кинг is instantly knocked out, но nobody notices. Фубуки uses telekinesis to bring a piece of meat toward her, но Генос tries to reclaim it for Сайтама, who asks why everyone is eating his food. During the argument that ensues, Доктор Кусено calms Генос down, only for Фубуки to attempt recruiting the engineer for weapons development. Сайтама is annoyed that the meat is already gone, и soon after finds Кинг 'sleeping'.

The Ассоциация Героев is about to deploy the S-Class without Сторожевой Пёс, Бласт, и Стальной Рыцарь (With Генос и Бэнг's whereabouts being unknown to them at the time) to deal with the monsters. Every hero from C-Class to A-Class who is available was sent to deal with the Ассоциация Монстров's forces, while the S-Class heroes deal with the Dragon-level monsters.

Месть Гароу: Taking on the Король Монстров

Гароу breaks into the facility как раз вовремя, чтобы спасти Тарео от Королевского Потрошителя. Despite being stabbed in the gut by the monster, Гароу одним взмахом отрывает голову Королевского Потрошителя, убивая его, before using Кулак Вихря, Рассекающий Железо to shred the monster to pieces. Гароу и Тарео then make their escape, only to encounter two monsters who were quickly dispatched by Гароу. The Охотник на Героев devours one of the limbs of the monsters to replenish himself before proceeding with Тарео. As they make their escape, Тарео tells him that there is another child that needs rescuing но Гароу says that's none of his concern и that he did not come here to save Тарео, either. However, before the two can continue, they are met by Бродяга-переросток. Гароу и Тарео slowly back away to avoid a confrontation. As they are about to turn a corner, Ультра Мышь suddenly attacks. Гароу pulls Тарео back, saving him, while Нарвал и Душеголовый follow up by lunging at Гароу и dousing him with hot water.

Три монстра запускают a united attack on the Охотник на Героев, но Гароу kicks Нарвал into a wall, cracks Душеголовый's faucet, и использует Кулак Вихря, Рассекающий Железо to cut into Ультра Мышь's arm. This impresses the monsters и Тарео, to the point where they acknowledge his strength. Тарео claims that Гароу is getting stronger, и he states that he's used to fighting multiple opponents. Ультра Мышь replies that they have been evaluated by Гёро-гёро, so their strength is without question, to which Гароу responds saying that he should possess a threat level of Dragon. Ультра Мышь replies again, saying that the threat level Dragon is only reserved for the Ассоциация Монстров cadres. Ультра Мышь, Нарвал, и Душеголовый reveal that they have been stalling и proceed to attempt to punch a hole through Гароу using their Demon Trinity Bursting Speed Thrust. Гароу easily deflects the attack back into the hallway, mocking the technique's power. A roar is heard down the hallway, prompting Гароу to realize that he had deflected the attack into Бродяга-переросток. Бродяга легко dispatches Нарвал и appears before them, firing an energy Бласт. Душеголовый attempts to cancel it out with his maximum water pressure while Ультра Мышь guards, stating that he can revive himself by regenerating. Гароу хватает Тарео и начинает убегать. As a result of Бродяга's Бласт, everything above ground in Z-City shakes.

Гароу manages to break out of the hallway he и Тарео were in, и escape the destruction, но Бродяга follows them. Гароу tosses Тарео to the side, claiming that they have to split up, но Тарео protests. Бродяга begins charging up another Бласт, но Гароу dashes underneath him и attacks Бродяга's leg. Showing no signs of being affected at all by Гароу's attack, Бродяга turns и fires a Бласт directly on top of him. The Бласт had enough destructive power to break through multiple floors of the hideout, creating a massive hole, но at the very bottom, Гароу is still standing with his clothes in tatters. Бродяга quickly fires off more energy Бластs, но Гароу jumps to dodge them. Бродяга inspects the destruction at the bottom, но Гароу is hanging off a ledge above Бродяга. Гароу lets go of the ledge и yelled at Бродяга to sit down, throwing a punch that knocks Бродяга into the floor, но Бродяга immediately gets back up, showing no signs of damage. Бродяга then throws Гароу into the floor и Бластs him with another energy Бласт, Бластing him through another set of floors beneath them. Гароу, still conscious, is buried underneath a pile of rubble directly in front of Гёро-гёро, who lifts the rubble on top of him stating that Гароу lived up to expectations. Гёро-гёро goes on to state that he is very pleased, before paralyzing Гароу и commending him on his growth in such a short amount of time.

Сайтама suits up и heads out towards the battered streets. Meanwhile, Гароу remains restrained by Гёро-гёро's psychic powers. Гёро-гёро comments on Гароу's incomplete monster transformation. Гёро-гёро desires to elevate Гароу into an even greater monster through a specialized process. Гёро-гёро explains that to accelerate the growth process, the human must repeatably experience death to overwhelm the body и spirit. This is a delicate balance as the human can easily succumb to death during the process и even successful candidates will stagnate due to lowered intelligence. The key ingredient needed is for the human to experience their very own personal hell. Гароу says that it sounds like Гёро-гёро performed this process numerous times, which Гёро-гёро confirms. While it is easy to turn humans into monsters, the process simply improves existing abilities the human has и has little to no prospect for further growth. Гароу grimly stares on, as Гёро-гёро goes into detail about the experiments. From the experiments, the repeated experiences of death allow the person to explosively grow in strength и abilities. Despite this know-how, Гёро-гёро never managed to create a monster with a disaster level Dragon except for one.

The scene cuts back to a woman wearing Очкарик approaching a silhouetted man. She states that the man has turned back on humanity и is going crazy. The scene changes again и the woman looks up towards the newly created Король Монстров Орочи.

Гёро-гёро mentions that Гароу has qualities greater that Орочи и through his battle with Королевский Потрошитель и Жучий Бог, Гароу has broken through another wall of limits. Гёро-гёро then offers Гароу to join forces. Гароу отказывается, но Гёро-гёро говорит, что у него нет выбора. Гёро-гёро reasserts Гароу's powerlessness by reminding him of his binding и her psychic powers dwarfing the psychic sisters, Тацумаки и Фубуки. Nevertheless, Гароу begins to take a step as he is getting used to it. This time, Гёро-гёро disciplines Гароу with force by throwing rocks at him. In doing so, a weakness is revealed in that Гёро-гёро can only perform one action at a time и Гароу is freed from his binding. Гароу then threatens to kill Гёро-гёро.

Afterward, Орочи intervenes, grabbing Гароу и pulling him down to eye level with Орочи. The fight then starts, with Орочи firing his horns at Гароу, piercing him и leaving a visible round hole in his abdomen. Гёро-гёро comments on Орочи's horn manipulation as his first discovery as a monster. Гароу defends himself with Кулак Горного Потока, Дробящий Камни и stays on the move, killing some monsters as he does so. Гароу leaps to attack Орочи head-on, но mouths within mouths open up in Орочи's jaw и almost bite down on him. Орочи transforms into a serpent-like being that seems to be a mixture of a hydra и tyrannosaurs rex. The reptilian heads fire a super-heated flame at Гароу, incinerating the entire stage. A fist forms from the snakes' appendages и smacks down on Гароу, sending him into a wall. Гёро-гёро calls for Гароу to give up, но Гароу refuses, bragging about his status as a genius combatant. He acknowledges Орочи's strength но claims that he is missing the primal terror that makes him a true monster. Гароу utilizes Abandonment, но Орочи copies his stance. Гёро-гёро informs Гароу that Орочи is a "genius" in the same way Гароу и has managed to adapt his style as they fought. The fight renews и this time the dragon appendages all utilize Кулак Горного Потока, Дробящий Камни. In the end, Гароу is defeated.

Meanwhile, Сайтама is looking down at a manhole where he is sure he heard sounds from.

Вторжение в Ассоциацию Монстров: Атака Героев

The S-Class is having a meeting discussing the Ассоциация Монстров и their plan of attack. Милая Маска barges into the meeting и insists that he should lead the S-Class heroes. This antagonizes Тацумаки, Световой Флэш, и Зомбимен. Right before things come to blow, Кинг enters и quells the situation with all their mutual respect for him. Милая Маска leaves но says that he will be part of the underground strike force.

Секингал и Ситч are discussing the situation. Ситч is surprised that Секингал is personally heading to the scene as he thought he was only motivated by fame. Секингал confirms that he is motivated by fame и he believes that he will be remembered in history for taking down such a threat.

They move down to greet various heroes that arrived by helicopter. Мизуки, Толстобровый Полумесяц, Нидл Стар, Мехаэспер, Стоический Нарцисс, Физер, Реактивный Добряк, Ваншотер, и various other heroes arrive on the scene for a total of 15 heroes. Ситч is informed by staff that Silver Fang had arrived. After he leaves, Бомб tells Бэнг that they suspect him. Кинг enters the same room as Бэнг и Бомб to hide in. Бэнг coaxes out information on the rescue operation и they decide to meet up at Сайтама's apartment so they can invade the base on the same route as Кинг. Кинг rejoins the waiting heroes и they leave.

Фубуки направляется к квартире Сайтамы while thinking about her situation. She encounters Генос who was thinking over information on his new form. They enter Сайтама's apartment only to find Сайтама missing. Генос finds his hero suit missing и concludes he must have left. Бэнг, Бомб, и Кинг soon arrive. They decide to have Генос wait for Сайтама at his apartment while the rest head towards the raid. Meanwhile, Сайтама is still exploring the tunnel down the manhole.

The heroes' strike team arrived at the Город-призрак Города Z. The heroes comment on before getting interrupted by Зомбимен's warning up ahead. Numerous monsters led by Джаган jump out и surround the heroes' strike team. Секингал expresses surprise over Гёро-гёро's underhanded tactics while Физер readies up for battle. Джаган mocks the heroes' strike team due to their lack of numbers и Ребёнок-император tallies the number of monsters to over 150. Тацумаки disregards their numbers while Гомо-гомо Зек encourages other boys to stay behind him. Джаган then telekinetically lifts several buildings. Тацумаки responds by creating a barrier protecting the strike team но leaves them to deal with the falling debris. Гомо-гомо Зек и Сверхлитой Темноблеск ultimately save Теневое Кольцо, Стоический Нарцисс, Мехаэспер, Зелень, и Питающийся Боец Футоши from the falling debris. Секингал angrily questions Тацумаки on her attitude и she brushes him off, saying that if they can't deal with the debris they should leave, as they will get in the way. Джаган declares that he will gouge out the eyes of Тацумаки и her sister, Фубуки, as an experiment, which angers Тацумаки. They fight, leaving a great whirlwind behind as the rest of the monsters attack, и the support heroes show off their skill. Some notable talents include Twin Tail's Death Loop attack, Ваншотер's shooting abilities, Зелень's Chlorokinesis, Стоический Нарцисс's so-called beautiful attacks, Физер's aerial attacks, Теневое Кольцо's ninjutsu, Двойная Дыра's nose attack, новое кибернетическое тело Реактивного Добряка, Нидл Стар's skill with his chain mace, Мизуки's killer athleticism, Питающийся Боец Футоши's surprising agility, Черепаший Супербондаж's rope movements, и Poison's poisoned knife. Милая Маска comments on Физер's star potential и Световой Флэш asks Теневое Кольцо where she learned her ninjutsu, to which she answers that it's from a different place than where Световой Флэш learned his. Сверхлитой Темноблеск praises Мизуки's muscles while he blows up some monsters. Мехаэспер believes he took down some monsters when they were the work of Бушидрель и Окамаитачи, while Секингал shoots a laser beam from his metallic eye. More monsters show up, но Носорог Рестлер barges his way through. Once a Tiger disaster level, Носорог Рестлер has trained enough to become rated as Demon-level according to Гёро-гёро. The support heroes engage him, while up above, Гёро-гёро continues to watch the battle with the spy drone. Атомный Самурай then steps into the battle intent on ending it quickly и slashes so quickly that Носорог Рестлер doesn't even notice he's been cut until it's too late. Атомный Самурай then moves on to finish off other monsters и notices Световой Флэш doing the same. Сверхлитой Темноблеск bursts monsters open by simply running through them и Свинобог eats a monster. Гомо-гомо Зек punches a monster to bits и Тацумаки drops down with the remains of Джаган.

Above, Гёро-гёро's spy drone is cut in two by Ребёнок-император. Гёро-гёро states that he had already seen the battle, although he would have preferred to see Кинг in action. Гёро-гёро's attention is drawn towards the approaching figures where one of them is irritated by her summons. The short black mysterious being questions on why Орочи, Нян, a rotund looking monster, a scruffy looking man wearing a crown, и a fat, ugly monster were all called.

Meanwhile, Сверхлитой Темноблеск, Толстобровый Полумесяц и Физер finish off some monsters. Двойная Дыра и Зелень are administrating some first aid to Нидл Стар. Мизуки, along with Мехаэспер, is struggling to push Свинобог down the stairs to the Ассоциация Монстров. Атомный Самурай helps them through и reassures his pupil, Иайрон, of his worries.

Гёро-гёро rebukes the monsters that ran away from the initial confrontation with the heroes и killed the cowardly monsters by feeding them to Орочи. He warns the remaining monsters to not fail him again и orders them to attack their assigned heroes.

The rest of the S-Class heroes take their routes вместе с учениками Атомного Самурая following him. Световой Флэш goes over the information on the transmitter before he runs into Штормовой Ветер Хаяте и Адское Пламя Флейм. Штормовой Ветер Хаяте и Адское Пламя Флейм compliment Световой Флэш on his speed, all the while Световой Флэш determines who hired them to attack him. Штормовой Ветер Хаяте спрашивает, а что, если Морской Монах, босс невольничьего рынка, нанял их, но Световой Флэш говорит, что это невозможно поскольку он уже убил его. Вдобавок к этому, Световой Флэш раскрывает, что он уже убил Гарольда наркобарона, коллекционера сердец Петти Кюрда, загадочного и причудливого вора Чимагусу, непобеждённого капитана горных грабителей Дьявольского Шторма и верхушку Альянса Убийц. Штормовой Ветер Хаяте reveals their motivations to be ruling the world и that ninjas from their Деревня Ниндзя will be the most troublesome opponent. Световой Флэш scores a hit on the monsters и tells them to bring out their monster forms. Unperturbed by the reveal, Штормовой Ветер Хаяте и Адское Пламя Флейм bring out their monster forms. They continue attacking Световой Флэш и reveal their disaster level as Dragon. With their increased speed, the monsters keep up their pressure on Световой Флэш. However, even after Адское Пламя Флейм utilizes his technique Fire Release: Blazing Scattering Slash, Световой Флэш can block it. Световой Флэш uses Heavy Flashy Slash aiming to destroy Адское Пламя Флейм's sword. Штормовой Ветер Хаяте expresses astonishment at Световой Флэш's technical prowess и the monsters decide to abandon the battle as ninjas и fight using brute speed и strength. The two monsters can pressure Световой Флэш, managing to make him cough up blood. However, once the hero became serious, he strikes both of them with a series of kicks, и then slices both of them in half with his ultimate technique Световой Разрез, ending their lives.

After Световой Флэш leaves the battlefield и arrives at a junction, he decides to use his Терминал to figure out his location, only to realize that he lost it during the battle.

Ребёнок-император is walking down a passageway и monitoring what the other heroes are doing. A monster tries to ambush him, only to be shot dead by one of Ребёнок-император's robots, Мини Осьмитанк №8.

He then finds the remains of the destroyed Робот Стальной Рыцарь. He is concerned that there may be robotics experts working with the Ассоциация Монстров и that the technology that was developed to fight monsters may end up being used against the heroes themselves. He then decides to try salvaging some information from the remains of the robot in hopes of finding out where the hostage, Ваганма, is being held. The robot yields a detailed map showing where the hostage is held и the Ребёнок-император is angry that Стальной Рыцарь has refused to share this information despite knowing it. He then realizes that Осьмитанк has been destroyed by Человек-феникс, who asks if he was here to play. Человек-феникс monologues about his role within the Ассоциация Монстров и his backstory before attacking Ребёнок-император, only to run hard into an invisible shield. As the monster reels in pain, Ребёнок-император executes Человек-феникс with an array of tools that spring out from his backpack. He rescues Ваганма by gassing the monsters guarding the hostage's cell while protecting Ваганма with a frog-themed gas-mask. As they are about to leave the cell, Илистая Медуза oozes in и attempts to crush Ребёнок-император, only to realize that this is unsuccessful as Ребёнок-император has put up a shield generated by his umbrella. He tries to cut up Илистая Медуза before defeating the monster by dousing it in liquid fuel и setting it alight.

As the two of them escape, he notes that something appears to be up ahead и sends a toy tank as a sentry. The tank is destroyed as Machine God G5 appears. Ребёнок-император attempts to disable the machine using a high voltage cage и a jamming signal, но G5 defeats it easily. After destroying Ребёнок-император's Radio-Controlled Sentry, G5 resists the attacks of Ребёнок-император's Enemy Machine Disabling Device: Bug-Kun и swiftly destroys it. G5 battles the newly combined Человек-андердог, Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus, while hampered by Ребёнок-император's birdlime missiles. As G5 battles Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus, Ребёнок-император, и Ваганма escape.

On their way, they come across Человек-феникс's shredded body. Suddenly, Человек-феникс arises into a new, stronger form. Ребёнок-император confronts the monster и uses 5 layers of his transparent film но is broken through by Человек-феникс's Beak Attack. Frustrated at his uselessness, tears flow down his cheeks и Ребёнок-император is forced to summon his ultimate weapon, the mech Храбрый Гигант. However, Человек-феникс correctly deduces that the mech has limitations и Ребёнок-император reaffirms to himself that the monster must be dealt with as soon as possible. Ребёнок-император uses his Divider Shield и charges at Человек-феникс. Храбрый Гигант locks onto Человек-феникс и launches a volley of heat-seeking missiles, which Человек-феникс can prematurely detonate by using Phoenix Flare. Ребёнок-император then activates Храбрый Гигант's Delta Scale Saber и slashes at Человек-феникс, who dodges them. Человек-феникс, noting the sloppiness of Храбрый Гигант's attack patterns, initiates his Phoenix Fire Falcon Mode, и circles around the mech suit, now even faster than before. Человек-феникс uses Phoenix Heat Up Talons Strike on Храбрый Гигант several times, damaging the suit. Ребёнок-император, however, counters by launching Little Braves (autonomous robots) from the armor, which charge up All Range Attack, и fire at Человек-феникс. The monster changes form once more, this time entering Phoenix Prominence Hawk Mode, и absorbs the attack. Ребёнок-император, desperate to finish the battle, uses Храбрый Гигант to launch a downward assault on Человек-феникс using one of Храбрый Гигант's swords, но Человек-феникс catches on, destroying the blade. Человек-феникс uses the opportunity to attack Ваганма with his Phoenix Homing Wing Attack, forcing Ребёнок-император to come to the hostage's aid. Храбрый Гигант blocks most of Человек-феникс's attacks и then responds with suppressing fire from its machine guns. Человек-феникс resolves to continue distracting Храбрый Гигант и run down its timer но is suddenly caught in an electromagnetic shield launched by the mech. Храбрый Гигант, still holding Ваганма, launches a right hook punch at Человек-феникс, но Человек-феникс can catch it. Ребёнок-император activates Храбрый Гигант's boosters, overpowering Человек-феникс, и sending the trio tumbling through many floors. Ребёнок-император notices the signal from one of the other heroes' locators, и hopes to meet up with them to finish off Человек-феникс, who he believes will resurrect again. The group suddenly find themselves in the same room that Световой Флэш had just done battle in, и sink into a pool of water. Reaching the bottom, Ребёнок-император spots a bunch of strange masks resting on the ground и contemplates what occurred, shortly before finding Световой Флэш's locator. As Ребёнок-император wonders what happened to the hero, something behind Храбрый Гигант explodes, sending the mech suit tumbling through the water.

Человек-феникс revives himself again и displays his newfound powers by reanimating the corpses of the Подземники, Штормовой Ветер Хаяте, и Адское Пламя Флейм. While Ребёнок-император deals with the undead army, Человек-феникс takes Ваганма и starts flying away. Ребёнок-император finishes off the army и races after him, launching an all-out energy beam on Человек-феникс. Человек-феникс withstands the energy beam, и his costume changes again, gaining withered patches on half of his body. Ребёнок-император then opens the robot's emergency hatch и has the Little Braves close it on Человек-феникс, trapping him. The monster easily rips the mecha apart но Ребёнок-император managed to sneak in a tickling robot within Человек-феникс's costume while he was trapped, stating that the robot would tickle him until he died of asphyxiation. Человек-феникс hastily attempts to get rid of the tickling robot by ripping his costume. With the costume ripped, Человек-феникс loses his powers и Ребёнок-император proceeds to kick him in the groin before tearing off the rest of the costume to ensure he doesn't revive himself again. Человек-феникс lies defeated as Ребёнок-император turns to Ваганма asking him if there were any other hostages, но Ваганма decides not to tell Ребёнок-император that Тарео was taken too.

Зомбимен travels through the Ассоциация Монстров HQ on his strike route и eradicates all the monsters he encounters. He meets a crowd of monsters that direct him into a room, stating that they won't attack, и only want him to fight something. Зомбимен complies и walks into the room, where he encounters Чистокровный Вампир. Despite suffering many fatal wounds, Зомбимен continues battling until he kills Вампир. After the battle, he remarks that he hasn't fought someone as strong as Вампир for some time и that it had left him tired. The hero bends the door's bar around the handles to lock the room и turns to wipe out the remaining monsters who had watched his fight with Вампир. He walks out of the room having killed all of them, then decides to sit down for a bit to heal himself и smoke a cigarette while checking his Locator.

Ребёнок-император reports that he has rescued the hostage, Ваганма, и is bringing him to the surface. Ребёнок-император orders all heroes are to continue their assigned mission но warns them not to venture too far into the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. Зомбимен finishes his break и stands up fully healed, then continues down his strike route.

Свинобог comes across Великий Обжора. Their sounds of battle are overheard by Иайрон, Бушидрель, и Окамаитачи. They refocus their attention on the mind-controlled Mercenaries и Садо-мазо Плётка. The mercenaries attack the heroes и while distracted, Садо-мазо Плётка aims to mind control Бушидрель with her whip. The whip is snatched out of the air by Милая Маска и he calls on the sword heroes to move on as he deals with them. Иайрон и Бушидрель protest, unsure of letting Милая Маска fight them by himself, но Окамаитачи convinces them to move on и let Милая Маска fight in their place.

The three disciples decide to trust in Милая Маска и retreat, leaving him alone to face Садо-мазо Плётка и the brainwashed Отряд Наринки. Садо-мазо Плётка tells Милая Маска that she is a fan of him, и offers to release the slaves in exchange for spending time with him. Милая Маска tells her that bargaining won't work against him. Садо-мазо Плётка responds by ordering her slaves to attack the hero, while the disciples dash off to another area. Милая Маска effortlessly tears through the entire Отряд Наринки, subsequently killing all of them. He continues to charge towards Садо-мазо Плётка, who is shocked at how Милая Маска dealt with the mercenaries. She attempts to brainwash him by striking him with her whip но fails to do so as Милая Маска is somehow immune to such attacks. Realizing this, Садо-мазо Плётка quickly surrenders и submits to Милая Маска, promising that she will obey his every command. Unmoved by Садо-мазо Плётка' plea for mercy, Милая Маска takes her life.

Slicing up the ground below them, they descend to a lower floor и encounter the mysterious beings, Дьявольски Длинные Волосы. Окамаитачи is romantically tempted by the monster's good looks но restrains himself to send an Air Blade at him. The monster blocks it with his hair и strikes at the heroes from underground. The heroes work together to strike at his hair while recalling Атомный Самурай's words of advice.

Meanwhile, Иайрон, Окамаитачи, и Бушидрель are shown battered from their battle with Дьявольски Длинные Волосы. Having cut through every strain of Дьявольски Длинные Волосы's locks, he collapses commenting that it was his Achilles heel. Surprised by their victory, the disciples comment that they would not have won individually и worry that more monsters of that level may exist.

Атомный Самурай is cutting down several monsters when a sword-wielding monster, Палач Дьявольского Меча, praises Самурай's skill. Surprised a monster survived his slash, Атомный Самурай cuts his opponent down before the monster knows what happened. Самурай asks any monster not yet dead to raise their hand. G5 raises his mechanical arm и says that he has analyzed all of Самурай's moves и they begin a high-speed sword duel. Самурай comments that modern-day "toys" have become interesting и say that he'd like to buy one, prompting G5 to increase his speed. G5 confidently proclaims that he will beat Самурай in 23 moves но fails to do so. Самурай slices his foe into hundreds of pieces но says that he didn't cut the core of the Machine God as it was a harder material. A laser beam shoots from the cloud of smoke но Самурай deflects it и sends an air blade of his own to counter. As the air blade penetrates the smoke, Самурай realizes that the real opponent has escaped, saying he'll leave it to the surface team of heroes.

Тарео is being chased by Черноспермий, when a slash from Атомный Самурай stops the monster, forcing him to dodge.

Meanwhile, Гомо-гомо Зек is engaged in combat with several monsters. A large Бласт occurs, и the monsters laugh thinking they have finished off their opponent. As the dust clears, we see a glimpse of a seemingly intact Гомо-гомо Зек. Various monsters find that their attacks on Гомо-гомо Зек to not affect regardless of their variety. Гомо-гомо Зек explains to them that embracing the pain with love allows him to take those hits. He dubs his power Angel ☆ Hug. Realizing their strength wouldn't be enough, the monsters flee only to be stopped by the Demon-level monster, Бакуума, who inhales the fleeing monsters, absorbing their powers. Бакуума then fires a variety of attacks at the hero, но Гомо-гомо Зек remains undeterred. The monster mocks him, but, the hero completely smashes through Бакуума и ends the monster's life.

Soon after, Гомо-гомо Зек hears the voices of the inmates и expresses dismay at their predicament. Believing the inmates to be forced to do the Ассоциация Монстров's bidding, he vows to save them. The inmates attempt to explain their hatred to Гомо-гомо Зек но he continually ignores it. Нян then interjects и says that once a human becomes a monster, they will never turn back, before slashing Гомо-гомо Зек, severely injuring him, и leaving the rest to the inmates. Гомо-гомо Зек stands strong, however, и declares that as long as the heart is human then they will always be human. Нян, disturbed странным характером Гомо-гомо Зека, decides to leave him to the other cadres и escapes through a narrow crack. Гомо-гомо Зек gives chase after thinking up a new technique, Angel ☆ Crawl, но accidentally crushes his fellow inmates in debris, killing almost all of them. He loses his armored hair и accepts their sacrifice by avenging them.

Гомо-гомо Зек is left exasperated over Нян running away и carries on his way. Сверхлитой Темноблеск encounters Жучий Бог и was initially discouraged at Жучий Бог's boast но is let down by the monster's weak strength. Сверхлитой Темноблеск tells the monster that along with Кинг и Тацумаки, he is one of the three heroes you must never anger. Жучий Бог transforms into a new form, growing 4 extra arms и wings, но Сверхлитой Темноблеск одним ударом убивает монстра.

Through the communication device, Ребёнок-император notifies the other heroes that he has rejoined the Surface Team и that the hostage rescue mission is successful. He then realizes there's no response coming from the communication device и asks if anyone can hear him но there is still no response. Worried if anyone received the message, Ребёнок-император then asks Секингал if he explained to everyone how to use the communication device. Seeking just says to give the heroes some time, thinking they probably can't answer as they're in a battle. As he finishes speaking, there is a response from the communication device from Зомбимен who praises Ребёнок-император for a job well done. Ребёнок-император is happy that Зомбимен responded и at that moment, Милая Маска responds too, saying that he will continue to carry out justice. The next hero is Свинобог who, while digesting something, also praises Ребёнок-император и notes that nothing's out of the ordinary. The final voice that's heard at that moment is Атомный Самурай. Атомный Самурай is confused as to how to use the communication device. He explains that he found a kid inside the base, much to Ребёнок-император's surprise. Ребёнок-император tries asking Атомный Самурай to describe the kid но is unable to, as the transmission cuts off.

Ребёнок-император then turns menacingly to a scared Ваганма, asking if he had known all along that the monsters may have captured other hostages. Ваганма starts to cry, telling them that he wanted to be rescued и that he's sorry. Ребёнок-император then grabs his backpack, saying he has to go и leaves Ваганма to the other heroes. Секингал tries talking Ребёнок-император out of going back, pointing out the hero is exhausted и that their priority of rescuing Ваганма has been completed. The other heroes try to offer their assistance, но Ребёнок-император turns them down, stating that they should all stick to their assigned tasks. Нидл Стар then thinks to himself in awe about S-Class heroes, reluctantly acknowledging the gap between them и the rest of the heroes.

Черноспермий gets angry at Атомный Самурай because Атомный Самурай attacked him without warning. Атомный Самурай then gets cocky и says that he had no business with him и Черноспермий grows an enormous muscular arm и asks if he is looking down on him. Атомный Самурай answers his question with a "yes," before swiftly cutting the arm и mentioning that he's fought countless battles with similar bastards who can transform и shape-shift into giants и that he's used to these opponents. A second Черноспермий then appears from what was once the cut arm behind Атомный Самурай и Атомный Самурай gets annoyed. Черноспермий then asks Атомный Самурай if he still thinks he has a chance to win, noting that he's a countless number of "Черноспермий" merged into one entity и saying that no matter how many times he's killed, he'll keep multiplying. As the pieces begin to quickly surround Атомный Самурай и regrow into new selves, Атомный Самурай just slashes them again. However, they just reappear, in ever larger numbers, jumping on him и getting slashed into more pieces until eventually, Атомный Самурай finds himself faced with a massive number of Черноспермий clones, surrounding him in every direction, as Черноспермий tells him that he has already lost the fight и is going to die. The Черноспермий clones then begin to gain the upper hand on Атомный Самурай, who is shocked to learn that the monster's strength has not diminished at all, even after splitting into numerous copies. His slashes only results in more Черноспермий clones emerging, who continue to taunt the injured hero, telling him that he is in the "worst possible match-up" formulated by Гёро-гёро. Heavily injured и out of options, Атомный Самурай quickly cuts at the roof, resulting in the ceiling collapsing in on all of them.

The ensuing collapse results in powerful vibrations felt by Зомбимен who expresses concern over how the battle may be going for other heroes. Without warning, the Бомж-император appears behind him и Бластs him point-blank with a beam of energy. Бомж-император then expresses disappointment over how quick Зомбимен was killed, before going on to state that he will kill all seventeen of the S-Class heroes alone. A regenerated Зомбимен then lunges at him with an ax, only to be shot in the head with a concentrated energy Бласт. His opponent disabled, Бомж-император stares at his decapitated body, a sudden gunshot coming from his upper body. Бомж-император unflinchingly counters the attack, while Зомбимен is blown away и crashes into a wall, questioning how he would be able to react to such a shot at close range. Dismayed at how his hidden ace had failed, Зомбимен regenerates и removes the pistol stored within his body, firing several shots at his opponent. The Бомж-император counters with several orbs of energy, sending them all towards the hero, resulting in a large scale explosion. As the smoke clears, Зомбимен's charred body stands before the Бомж-император, who compliments him.

Зомбимен asks Бомж-император what he is, partially because he has no idea how his attacks worked, но mainly as a way to buy time for his body to regenerate because Бомж-император is too strong. Бомж-император says that, until a month ago, he was living at the park. He had lost his job, gotten kicked out by his landlord, distanced himself from human society, и began living as a hermit. He recalls being forced to dance naked in front of his boss at the new employee welcoming party only to get fired the next day for sexual harassment. но when he stared at the sky, the resentment he felt towards his boss и other such things no longer seemed to matter to him. For to him, the Earth was greater than any man-made structure, и the sky brighter than any man-made light. Humanity was an insignificant existence on the great earth. The Бомж-император saw his true home as the Earth itself, which was grander than any mansion. Then one day, Бомж-император had a life-changing realization. He realized humans have abandoned the ecosystem Mother Earth built up и thrived under new, self-made rules. He could no longer bear the reality of it, which left him borderline suicidal as death was the only way to return to true coexistence with Mother Earth. Right then though, an entity Бомж-император claims to be 'Бог' appeared before him. 'Бог' says Бомж-император's view on humans was correct но he had no need to die и says he would grant him power и that he should know what to do with it. The Бомж-император then says that his power is a divine power granted to him by 'Бог' и the reason he was chosen was that he knew "the answer" which was that humans were a harmful existence to the planet и that the time has come for him to destroy the entirety of its existence и civilization. Зомбимен asks him why he believed the entity to be Бог и asks if he had 'identification' while thinking that the situation is bad because his body had not finished recovering before he was done talking. Бомж-император, knowing Зомбимен was doubting the existence of Бог in his story, says there is no need for him to believe in Бог, и his price for his arrogance will be his death. Сайтама felt Бомж-император wreaking havoc и worried about the integrity of his house's foundation.

Сайтама is wandering through the Ассоциация Монстров HQ и fights Бродяга-переросток. Сайтама punches the monster, shaking the entire headquarters и the ground above. Нян attempts to assassinate Сайтама with Super Feline Retribution но the hero is unfazed и the monster escapes underground.

Гёро-гёро contemplates over Сайтама's attack before Тацумаки appears. Гёро-гёро then crushes Тацумаки under a globe of rocks и compresses it но Тацумаки breaks free easily. The hero sends a rock, Бластing through Гёро-гёро's barrier и bursting its arm. The monster reveals its true form и many eyes open around its body. Гёро-гёро sends a Super Gravitational-Wave that multiples the gravity in the region by 300. Тацумаки remains unimpressed и destroys the monster's body. Гёро-гёро pretends to be on the throes of her death, но Тацумаки sees through the meat puppet act и declares that she will pull out his real body. Гёро-гёро, regretting his grave miscalculation to battle Тацумаки, calls upon Орочи to assist. However, there is no response. Deprived of his last option, Гёро-гёро attempts to bargain with the hero.

Meanwhile, Сайтама looks down upon a great hole in the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. At the bottom, Орочи climbs up fully transformed и confronts Сайтама. Сайтама questions just why the creatures are living under his home и Орочи declares his acknowledgment of Сайтама's threat. Сайтама tells Орочи that he is merely a person who lives above ground. Орочи then attacks Сайтама with his horns и notes the impact he felt earlier was from Сайтама и that he was not on the Ассоциация Монстров's warning lists. He then states that if Сайтама is not defeated here и now, it will become very dangerous. Орочи breathes fire on Сайтама, which he narrowly dodges. Бродяга-переросток then awakens и Орочи orders him to dispose of the intruder. However, Бродяга, recognizing the agent of his defeat quickly runs away from the fight. A surprised Орочи then asks Сайтама what he did to Бродяга, и Сайтама responds by saying he beat him up. Орочи realizes that Сайтама is the reason for Гокецу и Многоножка Старейшина's demise, и remarks on how excited he is, и then transforms into a more humanoid form. He then states that he is curious to see what Сайтама as a dueling partner with immense strength has to offer him. Сайтама then states that despite what monsters say, about them being the "ultimate life-form" they all fall to one single punch from him. Орочи then attacks using the dragons on one of his arms. They are all quickly felled by Сайтама. The dragons from his other arm all generate a massive beam of electricity that destroys the ground и creates a massive tunnel. This surprises the other S-Class heroes, who defend themselves from the electricity. The tunnel destroys a subway line и the confused driver questions what had happened as he sees Сайтама speed by. Сайтама then destroys Орочи with a single punch. Орочи's shattered head questions what it was that just hit him и Сайтама responds by saying it was a normal punch. Орочи, now knowing terror, then falls into the abyss below, defeated.

Побеждённый Гёро-гёро is searching for Орочи using his eyes. On realizing he has perished, Гёро-гёро looks around for the man who defeated him. The eye finds Сайтама и is promptly crushed by him, но not before Гёро-гёро notes his bald appearance. On hearing of this description, Тацумаки wonders if Сверхлитой Темноблеск is the hero she is referring to. Гёро-гёро disregards this и questions if Орочи is dead. Тацумаки tells Гёро-гёро that he does not have the luxury of worrying about others, due to his current state. Гёро-гёро then begs for his life. Тацумаки, recognizing that Гёро-гёро is just a meat puppet, tells him to come out of his shell и apologize. Гёро-гёро then raises all the eyes that Тацумаки had ripped out и fires several beams of psychic energy at her. This is easily deflected, although Тацумаки does state that it was an elegant и nuanced use of her psychic ability и asks who taught him how to do it. The "real body" is then ripped out of the meat puppet, и Тацумаки recognizes her as a friend of Фубуки.

At the same time, Фубуки, Бэнг, и Бомб are seen walking along a hallway, when Фубуки suddenly stops, feeling her sister Тацумаки using a tremendous amount of her psychic powers. She also states that it is very rare that she would have to exert herself to such an extent, leading Бэнг и Бомб to state that they have to be more vigilant regarding the strength of the monsters that they may face.

King is wandering the hallways of the Ассоциация Монстров alone after splitting up from Бэнг, Бомб, и Фубуки. He then hears someone calling his name, which startles him. He turns around и realizes it's the hostage, Ваганма. Ваганма says that a monster is chasing him, и tells Кинг to finish it off и carry him to the exit. He then asks to hug King, но when he is about to do so, the King Engine starts beating и Кинг tells him to find another hero, stating no matter how sweet и cute Ваганма acts, Кинг can't protect him. At this point, Ваганма is revealed to be a shapeshifting monster, who, interpreting King's words as it's cover having been breached, promptly dies of fright. King, too, notes that that was terrifying и that he needs to find Сайтама.

Милая Маска says to himself that according to Атомный Самурай's message, there was another kid held captive. He then thinks that the battle will take longer than he had imagined и the things he had planned in the future had to be canceled or rescheduled. While holding a monster head that was still alive, Милая Маска then stops и asks the monster head what was in front of them. The head says that these were devices were used to nurture monster cells collected from Орочи и that they can turn humans into monsters. Милая Маска then thinks that they should just eliminate Орочи to stop their production, но the monster head says that such a thing is not possible. Милая Маска then proceeds to destroy the equipment.

As he is walking away from the aftermath, something is heard laughing around at the end of the hallway, excitedly saying how it found him. Милая Маска asks the monster head who the voice belonged to и the head, recognizing the voice as a cadre, says that it is over for Милая Маска. The monster is then seen bouncing around towards Милая Маска, и the hero flings the monster head he was using to answer his questions at the cadre, only for it to get kicked straight up at the ceiling. Милая Маска says it had great movements но he had confidence in a fistfight, only to back away once he sees the monsters face. He asks Милая Маска why he is so scared even though he came knowing it was the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. He then recognizes the hero in front of him as Милая Маска и says that he's going to kill him. He also says that he is going to carve the reality that looks и battle stats do not go hand in hand и threatens to use Милая Маска's face to do so. His name is revealed as Уродливый Фюрер и his disaster level as Dragon. Милая Маска thinks that without a doubt the guy is some type of урмоны. Милая Маска realizes this battle is unwinnable for him because when he sees extreme ugliness, he starts shaking и is no longer able to move.

A monster watches in horror as Свинобог devours his monster comrades after mistakenly thinking that the hero would have been a good feed for them. Свинобог grabs the monster и puts it into his mouth as it screams desperately. Жевун then sneaks up from behind Свинобог и swallows the hero. Свинобог struggles to escape, и Жевун is forced to spit him out. The two then battle.

The scene then shifts to a monster, limping away from the Disciples of Атомный Самурай after being wounded by them, who mentions unleashing something. Иайрон, Бушидрель, и Окамаитачи are walking down a corridor when Бушидрель notices a dangerous aura coming from a room they are near и asks if the others sense it too. As they enter the room, they see a water tank with fish in it. The monster then informs them that even Гёро-гёро had difficulty controlling the thing in the tank и adds that it was a cadre, before recklessly pushing the tank over и unleashing Злая Родниковая Вода. The fish inside the water immediately eat away at the monster, и they are revealed to be Бешеные Гарра Руфа. The monster desperately tries to reason with them но the water swallows it up и the fish turn him into bones, while the three swordsmen watch in shock. Бешеные Гарра Руфы атакуют Иайрона, who swiftly cuts them down. Иайрон notes that although the fish are no problem, the situation is hopeless because they had no way to cut Злая Родниковая Вода.

Гомо-гомо Зек continues his search for Нян as he "swims" through the underground walls of the Ассоциация Монстров base. He ends up in a small chamber filled with torture equipment и notices Гароу chained to the wall, seemingly unconscious. Not recognizing Гароу as the infamous Охотник на Героев, Гомо-гомо Зек thinks he's simply another human hostage и moves to release him. However, just as Гомо-гомо Зек recognizes Гароу's face, Гароу awakens и breaks the chains before swiftly pummeling the hero. The S-Class hero quickly understands the grave mistake he made by awakening the mysterious prisoner.

Elsewhere, Сайтама continues to wander through the Ассоциация Монстров base as he searches for someone to talk to about all the noise under his apartment. He is ambushed by a monster и swiftly kills it with one punch. Around the next corner, Световой Флэш lies in wait. He gauges Сайтама's size и deduces that he must be a monster, so he dashes around the corner и slashes at his target. However, Сайтама easily dodges. Световой Флэш is shocked to recognize Сайтама as the B-Class hero who once accompanied Генос to an S-Class meeting in the past. Enraged that he dodged his surprise attack, Флэш performs his special Flashy Slash move on Сайтама, who simply catches the sword in one hand. Unamused, Сайтама accuses Флэш of being a monster for attacking him, so he quickly clarifies that he's a hero too. Флэш explains that they are in the Ассоциация Монстров's territory, и tells him he should find shelter. Флэш also tells him of the existence of the Король Монстров Орочи, exciting Сайтама as he doesn't realize he already killed him earlier. Annoyed by Сайтама's persistence to stick around, Флэш runs off at high speeds to abandon him но is shocked when Сайтама can easily keep up with him. As they run, Сайтама notices how he is seeing the same monster corpse и section of the halls again и again. Сайтама asks Световой Флэш if he is lost, only to be ignored by the annoyed ninja.

Outside, multiple A-Class и B-Class heroes are battling several monsters to keep Ваганма safe from the Ассоциация Монстров. As the battle dies down и the monsters are eventually defeated, they seal all possible entrances for monsters to emerge. As the voice that victory may be imminent, Poison notices a monster in the distance. He orders Ваншотер to fire at the monster, only for the bullet to be intercepted by Нян's claw и deflected back at the sniper, wounding his head. Нян voices his joy at coming across a weak group of heroes, after meeting Сайтама, и insists they "play" with him. Реактивный Добряк states how they must be cautious when Нян suddenly appears at the center of them и slashes, wounding him, Нидл Стар, Мехаэспер, и Twin Tail. Нян announces that he is a cadre of the Ассоциация Монстров while muttering to himself how he has left it already, to the shock of the heroes. He speaks about his past as a normal cat that "played with toys till they broke", now free as a monster to do what he pleases. Секингал orders Питающийся Боец Футоши to take Ваганма to safety. Физер и Poison take a fighting stance as Нян eerily grins, stating the theme of this "game" is to rip Ваганма apart while the group watches. Мизуки takes her medal, transforms it into a discus, и prepares to launch it at Нян, while Зелень restrains the monster with his vines. Нян, with his great speed, catches the disc in his teeth и shatters it. Poison tries to attack Нян's face, но his blade is stopped by the cadre's eyelid и promptly broken as well. As Физер и Теневое Кольцо try to attack the creature, Нян slips out of the vines и shatters their blades instantly. Before the heroes could register what had just happened, the cadre severely wounds the duo, defeating them. As the remaining heroes stare in shock at the devastation, Нян eyes a terrified Ваганма и wonders where they are heading. Seeing the creature staring at him, Ваганма orders Питающийся Боец Футоши to stop eating и speed up, only to be informed that he must eat to replenish his energy supply. Мизуки attempts to stop Нян from pursuing Ваганма и Питающийся Боец Футоши, но the creature strikes Мизуки into the air. Мехаэспер cushions her fall with his awakened psychic powers и uses his remaining power to launch an attack at Нян. He breaks multiple nearby buildings apart, forms the rubble into sharp projectiles, и throws them at the monster, burying it. After the extreme attack, Мехаэспер's helmet breaks, и he collapses.

Ваганма gloats about the apparent victory of the heroes. However, Нян uses his supernatural dexterity to escape the pile of rubble и quickly slashes Питающийся Боец Футоши's stomach. The monster tells Ваганма that his disaster level is Dragon, terrifying the child so much that he wets his pants. Нян drags the two away so he can kill Ваганма in front of the other heroes. Suddenly, a high-speed projectile breaks the monster's hold on Futoshi и Ваганма. The projectile circles back и appears at the hands of Технорыцарь. Ваганма и Питающийся Боец Футоши run for safety, while Секингал watches from a distance, thankful for the arrival of the S-Class hero. Технорыцарь uses Тактическая Трансформация: Chariot и lunges at Нян. The hero circles around the monster и sprays an anesthetic gas in an attempt to immobilize Нян. He then charges Нян with his bike, но the monster dodges through a crack in the ground. Технорыцарь releases a strong solvent into the ground that forces Нян back onto the surface. The hero launches several missiles at Нян, which the monster easily dodges. Нян goes for a direct attack, но Технорыцарь uses Тактическая Трансформация: Knight и kicks the monster into the air. He uses Тактическая Трансформация: Flying Chariot to propel himself above Нян then transforms into Bishop и punches Нян into the ground. Нян slips into Технорыцарь's suit и slices it apart using Feline Retribution. Технорыцарь then uses Тактическая Трансформация: Золото. Нян unleashes flying slashes at him, но the hero is unharmed due to the strengthened armor provided by the transformation. Нян slips into Технорыцарь's body и attacks the hero from unpredictable angles. As Нян is about to release Feline Retribution in the hero's body, Технорыцарь raises his temperature to an extreme level и forces the monster out. He holds Нян in a chokehold и uses Серебро to stab the monster in the torso from behind. Технорыцарь then incinerates Нян.

Секингал marvels at the strength of Технорыцарь after witnessing his battle with Нян. He questions Технорыцарь's actions, но the hero excuses the questioning и displays intel on the Ассоциация Монстров. He tells Секингал that Бофой is a traitor to the Ассоциация Героев, sowing seeds of doubt in his head. The executive phones the Ассоциация Героев to warn them of Бофой, но G5 appears и shoots his hand. Before the robot can strike Секингал, Генос appears out of the sky и stomps it, causing G5 to explode. He then inquires about the situation.

Генос takes the support team и Ваганма to an area guarded by the Ассоциация Героев defeating several monsters on the way. While the other support heroes are being treated for their injuries, Секингал starts tending to his wound и calls Ситч to tell the latter that Ваганма has been successfully rescued. He then tosses the phone to Генос, who has a short phone conversation with Ситч. Ситч thanks the hero for his work и apologizes for leaving him out of the initial battle plan и starts to ask for a favor. In a flashback, Технорыцарь takes Нян's body away for examination. Нян, who is revealed to be still alive, mentions someone who can defeat Ассоциация Монстров executives with one punch, и Генос realizes that Сайтама is fighting against the Ассоциация Монстров. Генос tells Ситч that he has no intention of following any orders from the Ассоциация Героев и hangs up.

Генос then entrusts Ваганма in Питающийся Боец Футоши's care и prepares to enter the Ассоциация Монстров hideout, receiving Ассоциация Монстров intel provided by Технорыцарь.

Сверхлитой Темноблеск finds Гомо-гомо Зек defeated on the ground. Гомо-гомо Зек предупреждает Темноблеска о силе Гароу, who appears at the end of the corridor. Темноблеск и Гароу face off.

Ребёнок-император находит побеждённых Злой Родниковой Водой учеников Атомного Самурая. He dodges the monster's attacks и assembles his snowman robot. Злая Родниковая Вода shoots jet streams at Ребёнок-император, но the hero counters using his robot's Flash Freezing Breath to freeze the monster's attacks.

Ребёнок-император continues fighting Злая Родниковая Вода. Илистая Медуза enters the room и offers to assist Злая Родниковая Вода, но the monster sucks the oil out of him instead. This renders Ребёнок-император's freezing attack ineffective due to the oil's low freezing point. The hero is astonished by the brainless monster's ability to optimize the situation. The scene then cuts to show Генос making haste to the Ассоциация Монстров Headquarters, reviewing the data Технорыцарь provided to Секингал as he does so. He notes that all the cadre are troublesome opponents и that there is no time to come up with any good strategies, although Сайтама may have already killed them.

Elsewhere in the Ассоциация Монстров base, Световой Флэш и Сайтама run in circles, neither having any sense of direction. Сайтама suggests contacting the other heroes, но Световой Флэш comments that the other S-Class heroes are competent. A narrator explains that the S-Class was created to group heroes that were consistently capable of defeating monsters with disaster level "Demon".

All the S-Class are overwhelmed и on the brink of death thanks to Гёро-гёро's analysis matchups. Тацумаки locates Гёро-гёро's real body и begins pulling her out, while the villain wonders which executive is free to come to save her. She thinks of Бродяга-переросток, но the dog is revealed to have engaged in combat with Бэнг, Бомб, и Фубуки. Бэнг, Бомб, и Фубуки fight off Бродяга. Фубуки shields the martial artists from one of the executive's Бластs и uses her psychic powers to improve their physical attributes. Бэнг и Бомб finish their combination attack on Бродяга-переросток, while Фубуки sits there amazed by them both. но she is especially amazed by Бомб, whom she previously thought was just a normal old man, и tries to recruit him to her group, но is interrupted by Бродяга who gets up uninjured и lively after Бэнг и Бомб's combination attack. In frustration, Бэнг asks the dog to sit и behave и to their surprise the monster obliges и they quickly pass.

Meanwhile, Световой Флэш и Сайтама are riding around in a minecart trying to get to the Король Монстров's lair, led by a monster who plans to drop the cart и take them to their deaths at a switching point. но after seeing how far the drop is, the monster is too scared и doesn't do it.

Сайтама, Световой Флэш, и the toilet monster roll through an excavation site in the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. The miner monsters attack the heroes, и Флэш и Сайтама quickly kill them. Сайтама tries to grab some gold но accidentally drops it while trying to save their tour guide. Псайкос drinks a mysterious elixir to fight Тацумаки и after emitting a loud shout, declares that now she's much stronger than "Гёро-гёро".

Гароу сражается со Сверхлитым Темноблеском но is overpowered и knocked back. He regains consciousness from his battle with Король Монстров Орочи after being punched и challenges Темноблеск's, as well as the entire Hero society's, way of thinking. Темноблеск unleashes a devastating tackle that pierces through Гароу's guard with ease и sends him through multiple layers of the Ассоциация Монстров HQ. Гароу's ribs are shattered by the blow, но he soon recovers. He uses Кулак Горного Потока, Дробящий Камни и Кулак Вихря, Рассекающий Железо to start an onslaught that makes the indestructible hero consider the possibility of defeat. Темноблеск then uses his full power to punch Гароу with Superalloy Bazooka, но Гароу meets his fist with a blow of his own. The narrator comments that Гароу's limiter seems to be breaking.

Meanwhile, Сайтама stresses over his damaged cape as Световой Флэш gives him a lecture on his skills. On the surface, Генос worries that Сайтама's clothes may have been damaged.

Псайкос и Тацумаки continue their battle. Тацумаки grabs Псайкос with a psychic restraint и pulls her up. Псайкос, in turn, grabs Тацумаки и pulls her down, и the two rocket toward each other. Псайкос smashes through the floor where Сайтама, Световой Флэш, и the unnamed minecart monster are riding и collides with Тацумаки. Тацумаки then asks Псайкос about the location of the other kid they were looking for.

Somewhere else in the Ассоциация Монстров base, Тарео встречает Кинга и со слёзами радости бежит к нему на встречу. Кинг immediately shouts for Тарео to stop, mistakenly believing the boy to be another shape-shifting monster in disguise, и calls him out for it. An invisible monster behind Тарео suddenly reveals himself и flees, thinking that Кинг had seen through his invisibility. Кинг берёт Тарео за руку, и они вместе уходят.

Объединение Зла: Дуэль Эсперов

The invisible monster runs down a corridor. Suddenly, a slime grabs him и smothers him. This slime is the heart of Орочи, who was now absorbing monsters' blood to revive himself. Орочи ощущает сражающихся рядом Псайкос и Тацумаки и reaches toward them.

Псайкос continues her assault on Тацумаки, но the hero effortlessly overpowers her. Тацумаки forces the information she needs out of Псайкос then calls the other heroes with her locator. The only hero who responds is Милая Маска, who reports of his current situation. They bicker. Suddenly, Орочи, who had regenerated enough of his body to have dragon heads scattered around the opening in the base, Бластs Тацумаки и Псайкос from all directions. The Бластs catch the hero by surprise, tearing her sleeves, scuffing her, и releasing her grip on Псайкос. Псайкос laughs maniacally и flies down toward Орочи to take his energy.

Орочи attempts to seize control over Псайкос's body, но she manages to resist Орочи's invasion, which results in a fusion between the two entities. Псайкос focuses on fighting Тацумаки, while Орочи chases after Сайтама. Псайкос's newfound power gives her the upper hand over Тацумаки as she uses Тацумаки's strength against Тацумаки. Fortunately for Тацумаки, Сайтама erupts a multitude of Орочи's cells, releasing Тацумаки from Псайкос's control. Кинг informs Тацумаки that he has secured the other child, allowing Тацумаки to go all out.

Гароу продолжает наносить Сверхлитому Темноблеску удары. He slips past a punch from Темноблеск и delivers a strike that forces the hero to cough up blood. Гароу taunts Темноблеск, who looks at him in fear. The narration recounts Темноблеск's past.

When he was a child, Темноблеск was a frail weakling, unable to participate in sports и other physical activities. His frailty left him unable to build self-confidence. On his 15th birthday, his parents gave him a set of 3-kilogram dumbells. He lifted every day, gradually increasing the weight until the amount he could lift was immeasurable. His progress built up his confidence. He eventually joined the Ассоциация Героев и continued his search for an opponent who could push him to his limit.

As Гароу continues his assault, Темноблеск realizes he was never looking for a real fight. Rather, he sought a fight that could give him a satisfying victory. The instant the thought of injury flashes through Темноблеск's head, the fear he had long forgotten begins to grow и overwhelm him. He lashes out in despair. Гароу pins him to the ground но pulls back when Темноблеск yelps in fear. Гароу judges his assault to be akin to bullying, a pathetic evil compared to what he aims to become.

Suddenly, Гароу's joints start to crack, и the cloth strips stuck to his body crawl toward his face. A psychic barrier surrounds Темноблеск и pulls him up as the ceiling collapses, leaving Гароу on the ground amidst the falling rubble. Темноблеск, rising higher, tells Гароу to run. As he loses sight of Гароу, he hangs his head in shame.

Тацумаки rips out the Ассоциация Монстров Headquarters to the surface. The fusion of Псайкос и Орочи swiftly emerges in pursuit of her.

Стальная Бита decides to participate in the fight with the Ассоциация Монстров despite his injuries. Meanwhile, Бесправный Ездок и Мастер в Майке decide to flit the hospital to assist civilians surrounding the battle. Армия в Майке chase after Мастер в Майке after Tanktop Doctor reveals the subliminal messaging derived from Мастер в Майке's tank top. The Blizzard Group accompanies the Армия в Майке. The injured martial artists in the hospitals watch as the heroes depart.

Meanwhile, the two psychic titans face off far above the surface. Псайкос makes fun of Тацумаки's display of ripping the Ассоциация Монстров Headquarters out of the ground. Тацумаки ignores, noticing that the Псайкос и Орочи fusion is drawing energy from its root-like tendrils, и believes that if she cuts off the top of the tower she can considerably weaken Псайкос's power. Псайкос replies with a terrifically large attack, the attack cutting into the very crust of the earth и lifting an enormous portion of the surface of the planet far into the sky. Oceans of water pour from the lifted crust и cause an incredible tsunami that seems to surpass mountains in height.

Тацумаки gets caught in the devastating Бласт но manages to reappear mostly unscathed. Псайкос revels in her new power, while Тацумаки struggles to comprehend how she attained it. Генос witnesses the display from the ground и is even more bewildered. Псайкос's excitement wanes и she begins to explain the true source of the fusion's power.

Amid the fusion, while Псайкос и Орочи battled for dominance, a mysterious entity seemed to appear before them. Псайкос remarked that it was something like Бог. Power flowed into her и she became privy to her 'destiny'. Her new powers allow her to absorb the energy of every living thing, Псайкос now considering herself a perfect life form, something Тацумаки scoffs at.

Псайкос continues и explains that this was the fate of everything from the very beginning. Тацумаки denies this, и Псайкос becomes angered, beginning her attack.

Предупреждение.png Эта секция содержит спойлеры к оригинальному вебкомиксу. Разверните, чтобы увидеть контент, содержащий спойлеры.

Гароу's Awakening

Afterward, Гароу appears, having become immensely powerful from his many battles, и evolved into a borderline monster himself. Фубуки is not harmed но is left in total fear of Гароу's might. Гароу incapacitates several S-Class heroes и Dragon-level monsters before taunting the heroes who are unable to fight, threatening that he will kill the child he had once saved from being bullied.

At this point, Сайтама approaches him with the complaint that he is being a disruptive neighbor. He states that he is going to beat some sense into Гароу, who attacks with the thought that Сайтама cannot withstand the attack. The result is that Гароу is hit with a punch that sends him skipping across the ground. Гароу utilizes his martial arts prowess to briefly appear to be overtaking Сайтама, но Сайтама grows bored и tells Гароу to truly fight all out, demonstrating how serious he can be by flipping the entire Ассоциация Монстров HQ once again.

In the debris, Гароу becomes disoriented и is beaten badly by Сайтама. Upon landing on the ground, he becomes frustrated и more desperate, trying to damage Сайтама in any way that he can. After failing и taking another powerful hit, he evolves into a complete monster и attacks Сайтама, only to be defeated in one punch, resulting in another evolution that is swiftly dispatched as well.

After a long spiel about his philosophy, Гароу demands that Сайтама explains why he is a hero. Сайтама's simple answer irritates him into yelling more, и Сайтама shatters the remaining monster mutation left on Гароу in frustration. He states that Гароу had an ideal image of a hero in his mind the entire time, и suggests that Гароу wanted to be a hero all along, но chose to become a monster that simply had to kill every hero и unite the world against him.

The heroes attempt to kill Гароу, но Сайтама stalls them и Бэнг attempts to punish Гароу. After the child Гароу saved intervenes, Гароу becomes filled with a desire to live on и flees the scene.

Влияние на Историю

Интересные Факты

  • Арка Ассоциация Монстров в настоящее время является самой длинной аркой манги, состоящей из 70 глав.


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